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My Bridal Engagement is a website dedicated to providing wonderfully useful information on all things to do with engagements. Waiting to propose to your special someone? Or are you only just venturing out in search of the prefect ring to present her with? You are bound to have a lot of questions despite the tons of “good” advice people tend to pass on when they find out about your situation, because let’s face it: there are plenty of contradicting opinions in there. My Bridal Engagement lays out the various options you can choose in terms of ring purchase, spots to propose, ways to propose, etc.

We also cover the trends dominating the engagement arena, including old ones that have made a comeback. For instance, what are the most popular diamond cuts in existence today, and how much do various band metal choices cost? We write stuff to help out guys who want to stage things perfectly for a romantic proposal, as well as for women looking forward to such a proposal but starting to lose hope it will happen before they hit menopause. We at My Bridal Engagement don’t like people being depressed because things don’t seem to be in their control, especially with regard to something as special as an engagement. The moment a guy goes down on his knee is precious, as is the reaction of a girl who realizes just how much her man loves her. While the whole thing should be approached with a great amount of care, you need not keep yourself from enjoying it at the same time. My Bridal Engagement prefers that it stay a fun experience for all involved, and we have just the advice you need to follow to make that happen.

We also deal with how to break the news of your engagement to your parents, what to engrave and mount on the ring, and how well you need to research your options before you start comparing them. Additionally, our posts provide information on how to get the best deal on a ring you have your mind set on, as well as how to get your lover’s ring size without her knowing.