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How can couples redeem the engagement costs? They can’t. But there are things which we can do to relieve them. Engagement gifts play a crucial role. Couples expect unique engagements gifts but sometimes they can be disappointed. Here is a list of some of the best engagement gifts for couples.

Engagement Gift Ideas

  1. Congrats Candle

These candles come with different scents and burns for many hours.

  1. Custom Made Last Name Doormats

It will be a different experience to see couples last name on custom made doormats. Watching it will give them happiness. Give this gift to couples who are moving to a new home together.

  1. Bathrobes Collection

Bathrobes made of Turkish cotton offers a luxury feeling to the newlyweds.

  1. Lush Velvet Album

These gifts are especially for couples, who love taking photos. They can always use this durable album to cherish all their memories. This can be used to fill wedding and future family photos.

  1. Goldenrod Cake Knife

What else to give than a classic cake knife. This knife will make cake-cutting special. The unique handle design gives it a vintage touch.

  1. Stainless Steel Fondue Pot Set

Couples can fulfill the cliché of feeding one another chocolate-covered strawberries with this awesome fondue pot set.

  1. Floating Frame and Print

People who are closer to couples can utilize this gift effectively. Frame a candid photo and give it to them for engagement.

  1. Engagement Ring Dish

This gift is special. You can personalize it based on where couples got engaged.

  1. Personalized Bowl

You can customize these handmade bowls with their names and engagement date.

  1. Customized Trays

Give couples something unique which they can display on their coffee table.

  1. Special Gift Box

With a low budget, you’ll be able to fill a huge box with some truly delicious snacks.

  1. Beach Towels

Gift the couple fun and colorful striped towels. They can use these towels for beach visits.

  1. Snake Plant

Snake plants will add some fresh life to the home of the newly engaged couples.

  1. Engagement Candle

Get newly engaged couples customized modern candles with their engagement date.

  1. Personalized Cutting Board

Cutting board can be personalized by engraving their last names on top.

  1. Picnic Baskets

Who don’t love picnic basket? Make sure to fill the basket with cheese, wine and crackers.

  1. Wood Quote Box

This will help the couple to re-collect memories of notes, photos, pressed flowers and post cards from their travels.