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Bridal Engagement Party
Bridal Engagement Party

Not just your wedding reception and rehearsal dinner, your bridal engagement party is also very important. Unfortunately, only a few brides realize its importance and know that it is meant to celebrate the upcoming marriage and all the happiness in life. In addition to that, many couples arrange an engagement party for their family members to know each other better.

Just because the bridal engagement party is something more casual than a rehearsal dinner, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to plan it properly. You need a proper plan to arrange a bridal engagement party so that every guest can enjoy it. Most couples think that they can easily plan and execute a wonderful engagement party. However, there are many mistakes’ people generally do that may ruin it.

Here are some of the common mistakes that you want to avoid when planning a bridal shower and engagement party.

Not Sending Proper Invites

Most people prefer a more casual bridal engagement party so that they won’t give many thoughts on the invite. It is important to send the invites even if you plan to make the party casual or formal. However, how you send your invite mainly depends on the formality of your engagement party. For example, if you planning on having your party at a high-end hotel, it is recommended to send out a formal invitation via mail. If you like to keep the party casual, an e-invite is enough.

Not Booking A Proper Venue

This mistake mainly happens when you decide to arrange your engagement party at a fancy venue, like a high-end hotel. Most people take too much time on the decorations, party theme, catering, etc. they fail to book the proper venue for the party. If you like to arrange a more causal engagement party, any venue is perfect as long as it is seasonally appropriate. An outdoor venue is not ideal during winter or summer.

Deciding Who Gets To Pay

There are no set rules that say the couple should have an engagement party much less pays for it. However, the hosts are the ones who usually pay for the celebrations. Once upon a time, it was the bride’s family that covered all the expenses of the party. Today, anyone from relatives or friends hosts the engagement party. Even if they do not host the party, many couples usually decide to pay for the expenses.