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A bridal shower is a women-only pre-wedding celebration which is actually arranged in honor of the bride-to-be. Guests shower a number of bridal engagement gifts on her during this ceremony. Traditionally, bridal showers were arranged so that guests could help the bride in setting up a new home with their gifts. However, things have changed tremendously over the years, as is evident from the type of bridal engagement gifts and themes that people pick today.

The bridal shower is a fun event when compared to other pre-wedding festivities, in that the bride can be totally chilled out and excited. After all, only the close friends and relatives of the bride are invited to the bridal shower. The main agenda would be playing exciting games, consuming tasty food and beverages, and making a few some leg-pulling speeches.

Usually, a bridal shower would be hosted by the maid of honor, the mother of the bride, or any close relatives. You would probably have to deal with many other expenses afterwards as well, such as on d├ęcor, gifts, etc. That means you cannot normally afford to overspend on the bridal shower. To Balance that out, there are many brilliant ways you can make your bridal shower more budget-friendly to being with. Some of those useful tips are given below.

Co-Host the Function

One of the best ways to throw a cost-effective bridal shower is by co-hosting the function with other bridesmaids. This way, you can split the overall expenses with them. This would in turn help you to make the bash even grander. Plus, more hands are always appreciated when it comes to executing the function as per the chosen theme. Otherwise, the entire set of responsibilities under making decisions, hosting the party, choosing vendors, dealing with cheap bridal sets, etc, would fall on your shoulders.

Trim Down the Guest List

Lots of people go off the rails with the guest list for the bridal shower, mostly because they are unable to think strategically past the excitement. One of the biggest mistakes which can upsurge your overall bridal shower cost, is inviting all the women on the wedding list to the bridal shower. The latter is more of a private function, and only a few close friends and relatives of the bride should be invited to it. Note that the maximum number of guests to attend a bridal shower is usually 50. Sit down with the bride and narrow that down, but make sure that all those invited to this, are invited to the wedding as well.