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A lot of people treasure their heirlooms and they tend to use them for different occasions like engagement and wedding. If your family has an heirloom ring, then it can be a wonderful choice as your engagement ring. Such rings carry great significance, sentiments, and history. There will be a lot of emotions and feelings attached to heirloom rings, therefore, it will be one of the most romantic and meaningful choices you can get for your engagement ring.

However, a lot of people want their bridal engagement rings to be customized and they might want different additional features in their rings. Thankfully, you can now turn your heirloom ring into a stunning engagement ring by customizing it according to your needs. The following are some of the important things you can do to transform your heirloom ring without losing its important elements.

Add Accent Stones

If your heirloom ring is very simple, like a solitaire ring, then you can add some accent stones to it for bringing more sparkle. You can choose to surround your center stone with small accent stones to create a stunning halo. Adding some stones to the band can also increase the brilliance and shine of your ring.

Another option is to create a three-stone design, by adding two side stones along with your center stone. You can choose different colors and shapes for these side stones based on your likes. Adding some fancy colored diamonds will bring a vibrant look to your ring.

Use A Different Metal

You can retrieve the stones of your heirloom ring and set it on a different metal. If your ring is made up of yellow gold, but you want the modern and neat look provided by platinum, then take it to a jeweler and ask them to set the stones on the metal of your choice. This will help to give a new look to your engagement bridal sets without altering their important features.

Add A Matching Contour Band

If you are uncomfortable with making permanent changes to your heirloom ring, then this can be a great option for you. It includes adding a custom-designed band to your ring with various stones and metal of your choice. This will help to give an entirely new appeal to your ring without altering any of its features.

Engrave A Personal Message

Inscribing a personal message on the inside of your ring is another option to personalize it without bringing any notable changes to your heirloom. You can add a symbol, sign, or message that you and your groom can understand.

If you want to bring some alterations to your heirloom ring, then the above options can be helpful for you. They help to add some extra features to your ring without losing its original characteristics.