Bridal Engagement Party
Bridal Engagement Party
Bridal Engagement Party

The first few weeks of any engagement are usually the most enjoyable. It’s an opportunity to savor the quiet before the storm and commemorate the start of a new journey with friends and family. Of course, the ideal way to achieve this is to have a bridal engagement party. It might be difficult to pick who to invite to the engagement party, whether you’re holding the event or assigned to put together a guest list for your hosts.

Who you should invite to your bridal engagement party depends on the type of event you’re doing and whether you’re throwing multiple parties. When the happy couple has family in different places or separate friend groups, it’s typical for them to organize many smaller bridal engagement parties so that everyone can participate in the celebration.

Let’s take a look at who you should invite to your bridal engagement party.

Both Sides Of The Family

The first guests that you should invite to the bridal engagement party are your parents. Most couples need their parents’ blessings to get married. Then you can invite immediate family members from both sides of your family. Your cousins should also be invited to the engagement party.

Close Friends

Families aren’t the only ones who should attend engagement parties. Make sure to invite your and your partner’s close friends and loved ones who will be attending the bridal engagement party. Also, ensure that you are inviting your friend that you are planning to make your bridesmaids or best man.

Friends Of Your Parents

Since it is customary for parents to throw the bridal engagement party, any friends or acquaintances they plan to invite to the wedding ceremony are also allowed to attend. It’s also a terrific opportunity to meet and introduce yourself to people you may not have met before the wedding.

Plus Ones

Single or unmarried guests are likely to want to bring a plus one or date to the engagement event. If attendees will be offered a plus one at the wedding, it’s a decent rule of thumb to allow them to bring a guest. If not, limit yourself to wedding guests.


Your guests may bring bridal engagement gifts, but that does not mean that you should invite more guests to the party because it will only ruin the event. The engagement party should not be as big as your wedding. Therefore, you do not need a long guest list for the bridal engagement party.