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Common Engagement Myths

The time of engagement and marriage is the time, which you can cherish always in your life. All the arrangements for the engagement and wedding can make you tired and restless. The pressure from your parents and relatives can be very high. However, in reality, this is the time in which you have to relax and enjoy your time. A person, who looks into the crux of the matter, will understand that there are so many myths about marriage which everyone believes in. It might be some of these myths which you hold on to, giving you too much stress and restlessness.

Here are some engagement myths, which you need not believe anymore.

Only The Man Should Propose

This is a common myth believed by many people. When it comes to the proposal, people think that man is responsible to propose to the woman. In reality, there is no such rule. It can be done by any of the two. In the present day, there are so many same- love marriages happening around. Two men may fall in love with each other and there can be two women who may fall for each other. In these cases, it is impossible for a man to always propose to a woman.

The same can be applied in the normal case of a man and a woman who are in love. It can be the woman who feels like proposing to the man. This in no way makes him less of a man. Any of the partners, in spite of their gender, may make the proposal.

The Proposal Should Be A Big Event

There are so many who think that the whole proposal episode must be preplanned as a grand event. This is not a necessity for everyone. If you want your proposal to be a grand one, which involves your family members and friends, you may plan it in that way. Or else, if you want it to be a private one including only you and your girlfriend, that is also a wise decision. It is your priority which matters and not the common agenda that is followed. The interests of you and your partner are important.

It Is A Must To Wear An Engagement Ring

Since it has become a practice to wear the engagement ring, people tend to think that it is mandatory to wear an engagement ring to show that one will soon be married. Wearing or not wearing the ring is completely in the discretion of you and your partner. Your love for each other is not at all affected by the action of wearing or not wearing the ring.

If the ring does not suit you, you are free to choose something else as a symbol of the beginning of your engaged life. It can be a watch or an engagement necklace if you are adamant to have some jewelry. Getting matching engagement tattoos is also a beautiful idea. You may also discard the whole concept of having a ring or a necklace and may spend that money for something worthier than that.

The Ring Should Be A Diamond Ring

This is yet another myth, which is believed by so many. As already seen, it is not at all necessary to have an engagement ring. If at all you buy an engagement ring, it is not necessary to have a diamond ring. The ring can be of any material of your choice. It is a well-known fact that it was De Beers who in 1947, made the slogan ‘A Diamond is Forever’. It was from then that the diamond rings became an unavoidable part of the engagements and marriages. You may not be able to afford the high price of the natural diamonds. If that is the case, you can opt for the cheaper lab created diamonds. If you are not comfortable with using diamonds, you may choose to use any other gemstones, which would look beautiful on the ring.

You Have To Be Engaged For 18 Months

This is also a false assumption that many people have when it comes to engagement and marriage. In fact, there is no fixed time gap between the engagement and the marriage. Some couples do not have an engagement ceremony in particular. There are also those who keep a long gap between engagement and marriage.

It all depends on your personal choice and no one can compel you to do otherwise. This time gap will be necessary for certain situations, for the proper arrangement of the wedding. The venue and the vendor will have to be booked many months before the function and in that case, it is necessary to keep the much needed time gap between the engagement and wedding.

It is already past the time that we understood these myths and welcomed reality. If you are going to be engaged or married soon, keep these things in your mind so that you can have a function that will have your whole heart in it.