Asscher-Cut Diamond Rings
Asscher-Cut Diamond Rings
Asscher-Cut Diamond Rings

An Asscher-cut diamond, also called a square emerald cut diamond, has a square shape when viewed from the top. The number of facets of an Asscher-cut diamond ranges between 50 and 58 and has approximately equal length and width. Asscher-cut diamond has cut corners that allow more light into the diamond and hence they produce excellent brilliance.

Asscher-cut diamonds are rare and may not suit everyone. Here we discuss the difficulties you may probably face when you buy an Asscher cut diamond.

Asscher Cut Diamonds Are Rare

Asscher-cut diamonds are very difficult to find. Of all the diamonds, only about 2% are cut into Asscher cut diamonds. So, this causes a limited number of options for you. Also finding an Asscher with the desired carat, price and quality is a tedious task. You might have to compromise on something to buy an Asscher-cut diamond ring. But if you are adamant and have set your mind on an Asscher-cut diamond, then go for it.

Asscher Cut Is Difficult To Make

There are so few Asscher cut diamonds available in the diamond market. This is mainly because the Asscher cut is very difficult to make. Most of the available Asscher cut diamonds are also poorly cut. Asscher cut diamonds are often deep and may have poor symmetry. Symmetry is a big deal for an Asscher cut diamond. If symmetry is compromised, it can easily be spotted when you look from the top. If you are buying an Asscher cut diamond ring, make sure that you thoroughly looked at the diamond ring certificate.

Asscher Cut Diamonds Are Not That Sparkly 

This may be the biggest letdown of an Asscher-cut diamond. They do refract light to create the fire of a diamond. But when compared with a round or a cushion-cut diamond, the fire is meager. This is mainly because an Asscher is a step-cut diamond. Step-cut diamonds have less sparkle than brilliant-cut diamonds. The facets of an Asscher-cut diamond are parallel to each other and mostly have the shape of a rectangle.

Asscher Cut Diamonds Are Highly Expensive

Fine Asscher cut diamonds are extremely rare hence they can cost you a fortune. The price can even be more than 10% when compared to diamonds with the same carat weight. This is because while making an Asscher-cut diamond, a lot of diamond material is wasted.