Bridal Engagement Rings
Bridal Engagement Rings
Engagement Ring Styles

After deciding to take a step further along your journey together as a couple, the first thing you would do is choose a perfect date to propose. Choosing the right place, time and way to go about this is important; however, none of that can guarantee success if you mess up the ring choice. Buying an engagement ring is definitely a matter of huge importance, especially if you are planning on a surprise proposal.

The Ring Style

It takes being very clever for most men just to find out the correct ring size of their soon-to-be-brides. However, finding your sweetheart’s preferred ring style is a lot harder to do. You would need to be sure on a number of things there, like whether she prefers a diamond or some other gem mounted on her bridal engagement rings, and what metal and design she likes more than others.

It is most likely that irrespective of your ring selection, your loved one would be happy at the very fact of a proposal. Nevertheless, you would also need to consider the fact that she would be wearing this her entire life as a symbol of your love, and that makes it doubly important you choose something that suits her. Even the tiniest details can have great significance here.

Where to Start

One of the biggest clues you can get on her taste in jewelry is by looking at what she already owns. Every woman has her own collection in which most of the items are based on personal choice. The jewelry she already wears would surely help you in understanding the style of the ring she would like, and whether she likes soft, bold or delicate rings more. This is the best start you can hope for if you are generally ignorant about what she likes.

Her jewelry box probably has a range of stuff in terms of styles and other factors. Instead of letting this confuse you, zone in on the one style that dominates all others. Take a picture and show it to an experienced jeweler and see if they can help you out in choosing a general ring style out of that. Another good idea is to ask her close friend or sister about her likes in jewelry, and buy that person lunch for helping you out.