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Pink Rose Gold Engagement Rings
Interesting Diamond Facts

Pink diamonds are among the most fascinating fancy colored diamonds. They are very attractive and are used by couples as a symbol of a romantic relationship. There are several things about pink diamonds that many of us don’t know. Below is a discussion on the features of pink diamonds.

Where are They Found?

Pink diamonds are not the most common type of diamonds. They are confined to certain locations in the world. Siberia, Canada, Brazil, Africa, and Russia are some of these places. Further, Australia is said to produce a considerable amount of pink diamonds.

The Reason behind Their Pink Color

Most diamonds stay white for a long time before turning pink. The pink color is picked up when a certain kind of rays falls on the diamond at a specific pressure. The presence of these ideal properties results in a pink shade of the diamond. Remember that pink rose gold engagement rings are not the same. These diamonds are found in varying shades of red.

The Authenticity of Pink Diamonds

Like other diamonds, pink diamonds are also real. However, you should not mistake that they are all real. In some occasions, fake diamonds are also made to imitate the real ones precisely.

Always remember that pink diamonds are rare. Therefore, you have to ensure that they are real by confirming with the jeweler you are visiting.

What Pink Diamonds Represent

Gemstones are given certain meanings which are associated with the feeling they evoke. In pink diamonds, the common feelings associated are love and tenderness. It is accepted and loved for the soft feeling that it brings.

Are Pink Diamonds Rare?

Pink diamonds are found in many places. However, this does not mean they are common. Artificially colored pink diamonds are very easy to find, while natural pink diamonds are difficult to find. It is said that 20 million carats of pink diamonds are found every year.

How Expensive are They?

Pink diamonds could get very expensive due to the difficulty involved in finding them. They are costlier than traditional white diamonds. The cost is finally dependent on the setting you choose for your pink bridal set engagement rings.

The average range of pink diamond engagement ring lies above $15,000 into the millions.