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Diamond Scam Tips

Diamond scams are more frequent than you might have noticed. Having a general idea regarding this will keep you from falling in traps set by jewelers. Even the reputed jewelers are said to be guilty of doing this. Consider the below factors when you look to purchase bridal set engagement rings.

Carat Total Weight Diamond Scam

Carat total weight (CTW) is among the most frequently found scams. These scams can negatively affect the pockets of the customers.

In case you do not have the slightest idea about the weight and nature of the center diamond, you cannot look at costs in an informed way. This can prompt overpaying, on the grounds that one big diamond is worth much more than a gathering of little ones.

For instance, a one-carat diamond might be worth $5,000. On the other hand, a few precious stones gauging one-carat of a similar rating might be worth just $1,500. This is definitely a huge contrast in values. Dodge this diamond trick by requesting the particular weight and nature of the diamond. Get it recorded as a hard copy, and in the event that they refuse this, it is better to leave.

Avoid Half-Off Sales

This diamond scam deals losses to the spending limitations of the clients. You may hear or see “half-off” and think “incredible arrangements.” However, many industry leaders of retail diamonds utilize this strategy.”

Numerous diamond specialists will increase jewels 400 percent and after that stick a 50 percent sticker on them. With regards to highly discounted diamonds, you are most probably paying for more than what you receive.

Diamond Weight Fraction Scam

Jewelers are used to estimating the diamond’s weight. This means there are expressions like ½ carat, ¾ carat, 1 carat, 1 ½ carat and so on. These are basic fractions purchasers can identify with. Note that a diamond’s weight is communicated in decimals by gem dealers.

The ¾ carat diamond you have considered may really weight 0.69 carat. What’s more, a 0.69 carat precious stone marked ¾ carat might be worth almost $1000 less. It is difficult to gauge a precious stone precisely after it has been fixed into a ring. To guarantee you get what you pay for, request that the gem dealer give you the precise weight of the center diamond. On the off chance that they decline, you realize a trick might be underneath.

Make sure you consider the above options when you want to purchase new diamond engagement bridal sets.