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Are you unsure whether your man is aware of you are looking forward to spending the future together? Some girls just want the man of their dreams to propose marriage with an engagement ring. However, some men just hesitate to go down on one knee and pop the question for fear of rejection. It could be that, your lover is also afraid of taking the next big step towards starting the next chapter of life with you. However, there are some ways to give your beau that slight nudge to propose marriage without coming off as naggy, pressuring or overbearing. Your man may be planning a proposal, but if he is not, then these hints will let him know that you will not be embarrassing him by turning it down.

Turn another Engagement to Your Advantage

When people you know get engaged from time to time, while you wait and dream for your own moment in the limelight, it could evoke a feeling of jealousy in you. Instead of succumbing yourself to that natural feeling in human beings, look for the bright aspect in engagements. Try using the positive aspects of an engagement to your advantage with real-life examples. Let your beau know how exciting an engagement is, in actual, how happy you feel for the couple you know and how much you respect their expression of promise to one another. If your beau is not fully clueless, then he will start to respond to your cues.

Mask Your True Intention with Celebrity Examples

Most people like to know about the latest celebrity engagement and marriage. Some news of such a big event may be on TV or social media, and if so, talk about it when you are with your beau. Talk about what you like about a celebrity, like in his or her engagement ring, and other related things, and just change topics to your wedding. Give it a try and see how it goes.

While at it, just make sure that you do not reveal too many things about celebrity engagement that the conversation becomes about celebrities themselves. Just make sure that your conversation does not involve the most favorite celebrity of your beau; in other words, he should like that celebrity just enough, but not too much.

Use the Grapevine

Even in this age of social media, nothing spreads quite like the old-school word of mouth. Ask one of your friends to talk about your keenness to get engaged. It is a classic, if a rather heavy-handed, way to get someone’s attention. If you have tried dropping hints on your own and you still do not feel he gets it, then a mutual friend or your friend could grab some tea with him and tell him you have been planning to get engaged for long. Friends could suggest maybe it is about time he proposes marriage to you. This method is not sly, but at times it is necessary to try it. Once you are sure the hint is passed across to him, use subtle ways to set your man on his course for an engagement ring.

Have a Frank Talk

We know what you are thinking. “If I have a talk with him, then it would ruin the surprise altogether!” Be frank. If you have to drop all hints, then is it going to be one big surprise anyways? Perhaps not. Surely the real surprise is in the way he pops the question, the way he seeks permission from your father and mother, etc. Besides, this approach does not involve any sneakiness or tricks, but it is an extremely mature way to deal with a very adult matter: marriage.

Discuss where your relationship is heading and what your future goals are. As long as the future decision is the same, you can afford to breathe a little easy.

Plan a Romantic Trip

If you have been dropping hints all this while and you feel your man is in the mood to propose marriage, then plan a trip to a romantic destination with him. By do so, you will be setting just the scene you want for a marriage proposal. Whether it is the beach, wine, country or mountains, if he is in a good headspace and likes the place you have taken him to, he likely will not want to let the opportunity go. There are not many places in the world which can top a scenic mountain location or an ocean.

The Last Resort

You know what that is: If nothing else works, just say you are in love with him so much that the only road you see ahead is a marriage. May he take comfort from the fact you are fine with spending the rest of your life with him and may he muster up the courage to slip the three magical words.