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The shortage of diamonds is frequently discussed nowadays. Note that only 35% of diamonds are fluorescent in some way and it is fair enough to agree that fluorescent diamonds are pretty rare. In the present-day market, fluorescence can negatively affect the worth of a diamond. Below is a discussion regarding the fluorescent diamond designs found in bridal engagement rings.

The fluorescence is considered a negative quality. It is true despite the fact that it has a good rating for clarity and color. This could drop the value of diamonds by 15%. Note that this is applicable for the top end diamonds such as the D colored diamonds and those with no internal flaws

When you observe diamonds of a lower grade, the fluorescence effect decreases until a point in the color scale that it helps improve the stone color.

The value of stone depends on supply and demand terms that govern the rest of the market. Majority of the pearls found today are cultured. A natural pearl rarely demands higher rates than normal.

In case fluorescent diamonds are subject to greater demand, then the possible scarcity might rise to an extremely high rate. Individual jewelry designers have an important effect on the stone’s popularity. The fluorescent diamonds seem to escape attention.

Some people are interested in adding another layer of attraction to the fluorescent diamonds when they are viewed under the UV light. One way to implement this to add a secret message in the piece of jewelry. Since the fluorescent stone would appear very similar to the other diamonds in front of normal light, they may support this idea very well. The message would be visible only under fluorescent light, thereby staying hidden the rest of the time. The customer is free to choose the message. It may include things like symbols, numbers, and simple initials. As for the more artistic people, they may include symbols, like love, deception or fear through the medium that works on fluorescent diamonds for custom creations.

Fluorescent diamonds make use of different technologies in jewelry. The Micro setting is a technique that uses a microscope to sort tiny diamonds. This uses a small amount of metal to cover the stone and is essential to ensure that the secret messages can be seen at the required moment.