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Yellow diamond engagement rings will give a unique appearance to the bride and that makes the stone a great choice for bridal engagement rings for those who desire a distinct yet beautiful look. As yellow color gives a cheerful and pleasant look, this would be a wonderful option to represent a joyful moment in your life. When you shop for bridal set engagement rings, check out the yellow engagement ring designs also. Following is some information that will help you to choose a good yellow engagement ring.

Common designs for yellow diamond engagement rings

Mainly, there are two hypothesizes about setting a yellow diamond in a ring. According to the first one, the yellow diamond will be set in platinum or white gold and surrounded with white diamonds to accentuate the yellow diamond with the contrast between these two colors. The second is the exact opposite of the first one, where the yellow stone is mounted in yellow gold and surrounded with yellow diamonds if needed, to emphasize the color of the center diamond.

But in the end, it all depends on your own choice and personal preferences to choose the right design you want. However, there are certain guidelines to ensure proper settings in both cases.

If you go for the combination of yellow and white which is the current trend in yellow bridal engagement rings, then be certain to not to diminish or harm the diamond’s color. But when you choose the second design, be sure to match the color of the yellow side stones to the yellow color of the center stone. Otherwise, it will reduce the beauty of the ring when the stones are of different shades.

For colorless diamonds, it is better to choose a design that leaves the bottom open so that maximum light can enter the stone, giving it high brilliance and shine. But for yellow diamonds, it is better to mount the diamond inside a metal basket, like yellow gold, white gold or platinum, to enhance the yellow color to a great extent.

The cost of yellow diamond engagement rings

The following are some important parameters that will define the cost of a yellow diamond ring. Knowing about these elements will help you to calculate the cost of a specific ring. It will also help you to get a perfect ring within your budget range.

The material of the ring

The metals that are usually used for the casting of diamond rings are yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. Gold can be 18k or 14k according to its percentage in the alloy. Platinum is the most expensive among them. It doesn’t matter if it is white gold or yellow gold, but the carat weight matters.

Design of the ring

The design of the ring is another factor that affects its price range. A ring might have a simple design or a very complicated one. The price will also vary according to this. You can also buy custom-made rings that are designed specifically for you. They will be unique and might be high on the price level.

You can also go for a semi-mounted ring, which is a model that is created to match the different range of diamond measurements and shapes and can be adjusted according to the diamond. This is a cheaper option as it does not need any modeling and will be produced in bulk.

Additional stones

The presence of additional stones will also raise the cost of a ring to a significant level. The price of the side stones will depend on their size, color, shape, quality, etc. For a design with additional stones, you will have to pay for the price for both the side stones and also the charge for setting each diamonds in the ring as decided by the setter.

Tips for mounting yellow diamond ring

The right setting will give you a perfect ring. The setting of a yellow diamond on the ring will depend on the 4Cs of the diamond, namely Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.


It is considered to be the most important factor within the 4Cs. If the diamond cut is not proper, then it will not be able to reflect light and hence will have less sparkle and brilliance. But for colored diamonds, the cut is used to maximize their color, not brilliance. As a result of this, the diamonds might get a crooked appearance or can end up in having a thick girdle.

The right ring setting will help to hide the imperfections in the diamond. You can go for a custom made a design that will be designed according to the specific shape and size of your diamond.


It refers to the weight of the diamond. Be aware that the cost of a diamond increases with an increase in its carat weight. If you cannot afford a large diamond, then there are some ring designs in which the center stone is surrounded with small diamonds to give a bigger appearance for the center stone. Such designs are very affordable and will provide more glow for the ring.


A flawless diamond will have the most value. If the diamond has some blemishes or inclusions it will reduce the value of the diamond. The diamond with high clarity will also cost you more.


The price of the yellow diamond will increase with the intensity of its color. If the color is very intense then it will be more expensive than those with a lighter color shade.