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Bridal Engagement Rings
Bridal Engagement Rings

Going for purchasing bridal engagement rings will be one of the most exciting experiences in every person’s life. It is also a daunting task as you may get overwhelmed by the enormous number of options available for you. There are a lot of factors that most people will be concerned about when buying bridal engagement rings including the shape of the diamond, ring setting, type of metal, etc. You will have to go through a large number of options for finding the right ring for you.

When coming to bridal engagement rings, many people go for platinum rings because of their great durability and spectacular shine. Platinum can be a great choice for your engagement and wedding rings, as it will give you a soft and cool look. Hence, we suggest you some tips for selecting a good platinum ring that will suit you the best.

Platinum vs. Gold and Palladium

Gold is also a very popular metal for rings. However, platinum has some benefits over gold, as it is more durable and scratch-resistant. Hence, it can be a wonderful choice for people with an active lifestyle. But gold may start to get scratched and scuffed over time.

Palladium can also have similar problems as gold, as it is also a soft metal. Therefore, it will get scratched easily.

Check for the platinum content

It is sometimes possible for you to get cheated when buying a platinum ring, as the jewelers may charge you a huge amount for a ring that has low platinum content. Therefore, check the inner side of the band to find out the percentage of platinum present in the ring. You may see a number along with a little bit of text. If the number is.95, then it means that the ring contains 95% of platinum. This will have a huge price tag and will be sold for a high amount.

The price of the ring will be less if the percentage of platinum is lower. Rings with a lower amount of platinum will have less quality, therefore, you have to make sure that you do not pay a huge amount for such a ring. Always check the amount of platinum present in the ring before buying it.

Go for handcrafted rings

If you are planning to personalize your ring, it is better to go for handcrafted rings. Many bridal engagement ring designers will make custom designs for you that will help you to make your rings unique and one of a kind.