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Most men love to stage a grand but surprise wedding proposal scene just like what you see in most rom-coms to woo their significant halves. Usually, your partner may try their best to catch you off guard to surprise and sweep you off your feet by popping an incredible gleaming bauble. They are likely to propose when both of you are enjoying any of your common activities, dining outside, holidaying at some exotic destinations, or even when you get home from work or after running any errands. Needless to mention, couples tend to have a conversation regarding their future plans, especially the wedding at this point of time.

However, some engagements will barely be a surprise. On a related note, some people may unintentionally spoil the surprise planned by their partner by finding their bridal engagement rings before the proposal. In such cases, some women will be confused about how to react; whether to act as if nothing happened, leave the scene, discuss it with your significant other, etc. If you are also wondering about the same, you may refer to the brilliant options given below.

Put the Ring Back in Place

Finding your engagement ring before the question has been popped is an unintentional mistake. Ideally, it occurs when people search for their stuff at every nook and cranny of their home. The best ways to undo the mistake is by keeping the ring exactly at its place and leave the scene. Of course, it will be tempting to try the ring on at least for once. However, it is better to resist your craving since it is the right of your partner to put the ring on your finger. Besides, you do not want your better half to catch your red-handed with the diamond ring on your finger before he asks you to marry him. Note that this will surely break his heart.

Never Pressure your Partner to Propose

It is not necessary that your partner is ready for a proposal just because he bought an engagement ring or any other bridal engagement gifts. Some men tend to take time before popping the question since they are taking an important step in their life. If you found the ring, you are likely to expect the proposal shortly and it may disappoint you if it doesn’t happens in weeks or months. One of the main mistakes that you are likely to commit at this time is to force your partner to propose sooner. Note that your partner will have a perfect plan to stage the proposal in his mind and your impatience can sometimes ruin it or spell disaster.