Bridal Engagement Rings
Bridal Engagement Rings
Bridal Engagement Rings

The coronavirus epidemic has forced many couples to postpone their engagement, but some are still going ahead with their plans. The reasons for both moves are somewhat obvious. One of the recommend measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is social distancing. So, several national governments have enforced lockdowns and issued guidelines regarding the maximum number of attendees in social events. These guidelines are in place to reduce the possibility of the virus spreading. After realizing that they could not have as many guests as they want, several couples postponed their engagement plans indefinitely. Let us take a look at some positives and negatives of it.

Why You Might Wish To Become Engaged In This COVID-19 Time

It Possibly Cut Costs

With fewer possible attendees, you will only need to arrange fewer food items and drinks and other pleasures than what you otherwise would have to. Fewer guests will also mean that you could have a more subtle ceremony than what you had in mind before coronavirus came. All of these will result in significant cost savings and will allow you to spend more funds on bridal engagement rings and other essentials.

It Allows For A More Private Ceremony

You might have always planned to turn your engagement into a more private affair, meaning one with just your loved ones and close associates. Imagine what would have happened in a world where there was no coronavirus pandemic. In that case, would you have been able to not invite those annoying relatives without offending them, so that you could have a private affair? You would likely not have been to do so.

Why You Might Not Want To Do It

Access To Fewer Engagement Products Than Before

Many retailers are opening their physical garment stores and jewelry shops, but some are not doing it due to coronavirus fears and/or COVID-19 preventive measures. This means you are unlikely to browse through as many products as before for use in your engagement. You have the option of getting any product delivered to the home through e-commerce-related services, but there might be logistical issues delaying their arrival. Thus, if you didn’t already get yourself bridal set engagement rings, you might probably just have to go with the ones available in the stores.

Traveling And Logistical Concerns

Were you intending to get engaged in a certain foreign place or distant location? If yes, you might have to either put off the engagement plan or conduct it in your native.