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The traditional engagement rings indeed featured the colorless diamonds in solitaire settings. However, many women of the present day have shunned the use of these traditional rings and have shifted their interests to engagement rings featuring colored gemstones. If your partner is interested in having a colored gemstone engagement ring, here are certain things you must know before you go on purchasing your partner’s dream ring.

The Advantages of Colored Gemstones over Diamonds

Though it might be difficult to believe, the truth is that colored gems have many advantages over normal diamonds. The most important advantage is that the colored gemstone will be cheaper than the normal diamonds. Since the diamonds are of high demand at all times, the price of diamonds will be very high always. On the contrary, colored gems like sapphires, of a particular shape and size, will be cheaper than a diamond of same shape and size.

You will indeed have a great collection of different designs to choose from if you are planning to buy a gemstone like emerald, ruby, or sapphire. If your partner loves vintage style rings, you may choose to buy a colored gemstone set in a vintage style ring. The colored gemstone bridal engagement rings are unique in their appearance and have a special appeal that is different from the otherwise normal diamond engagement ring.

The Disadvantages of Colored Gemstones over Diamonds

The colored gemstones are not good for everyday use, except for sapphires and rubies. This is because they are prone to wear and tear easily. Unlike the other gemstones, diamonds are durable and will remain intact even after several years. Rubies and sapphires are also expected to take some scratches over time. This means that the colored gemstone rings will require much attention and care than the diamond rings.

It may be difficult to find matching earrings or other jewelry pieces to your colored gemstone engagement ring. Also, in case of replacement of the gemstone on the ring, you may face difficulty in finding a stone of the same shape size and color.

The colored gemstone rings would have to undergo checkups regularly. If it is a treated gemstone, it will be more vulnerable to damages. Hence, it is better to know if the stone is heat-treated, before buying it. If you see more color on the gemstone, it might be because of the heat treatment. Ensure the quality of the gemstone before you buy the ring.

Once you know these pros and cons of colored gemstone engagement rings, you may choose the appropriate one according to the interest of your partner.