The engagement rings of celebrity couples are as admirable as their red carpet costumes. These are some of the most expensive and beautiful custom made diamond engagement rings. Hence, many new brides search about these rings to get inspired when purchasing their diamond engagement rings. For example, the engagement ring of Kim Kardashian from Kanye West is 15-carat whereas Amal Clooney’s engagement ring from George Clooney is a 7-carat emerald-cut beauty. The pink diamond ring of Blake Lively from Rayan Reynolds is gorgeously beautiful and there are more beautiful celebrity engagement rings. The following are some of the top celebrity bridal engagement rings.

 Jennifer Lopez

In March 2019 A-Rod proposed Jenifer Lopez at their romantic beachside getaway place with a 15 to 20 carat emerald cut diamond ring that cost at least 1 million dollars. This is a classic style cut famous among many celebrity engagement rings and gives the appearance of a bigger shape than other cuts of the same carat weight. Its rectangular shape due to the presence of a large central surface table offers a deep clarity into it that looks like a hall of mirrors. Hence, it gives an understated style quotient suiting the personality of J.Lo.

Alison Brie

It is a 3 carat rose-cut diamond centre stone with a double halo that is set on a rose-gold ring. The estimated price of this diamond ring is about 100,000 dollars. Therefore this is one of a kind rose-gold engagement ring.

Katy Perry

This engagement ring of Katy Perry from Orlando Bloom is a flower-shaped ring that belongs to the classic floral halo design in yellow gold. The centre stone is an oval-shaped ruby surrounded by white diamonds creating the floral halo. Because of this, it is assumed that the ruby is 2 carats and the diamond halo is 2.5 carats making a total of 4.5 carats costing approximately 5 million dollars.

Brittany Snow

The engagement of Brittany Snow is a 2.5 to 3 carat round solitaire diamond set on a diamond-encrusted white-gold or platinum band. Because of this unique design, it is considered to be a timeless option. Hence, the price is estimated to be around 40,000 to 80,000 dollars.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum’s engagement ring from fiancé Tom Kaulitz is a three stone diamond ring that has a unique design. In the centre is a teal cut sapphire surrounded by a diamond halo and surrounded by two cushion cut diamonds on either side. Because the centrepiece is 3 to 5 carat it can cost anywhere between 20,000 to 30,000 dollars.

Priyanka Chopra

This engagement ring has a timeless design with cushion-cut diamond set on a platinum band and it is surrounded by smaller tapered diamond baguettes. Because of its timeless design and quality, it cost around 300,000 dollars.

Cardi B

It is a huge pear-shaped diamond ring with a double ring of halo set on a white gold or platinum ring. Here the outer halo is made from pink diamonds and the total carat weight comes to around 12 carats and hence it costs more than 1 million dollars.

Hailey Baldwin

It is a huge oval-shaped diamond set on an 18k gold band and costs at least 250,000 dollars. The oval cut shape has excellent brilliance along with great style and an ideal choice for a young celebrity.

Sophie Turner

Her engagement has an understated and chic style fit for the star and it is a pear-shaped diamond set on two diamond-studded white gold bands. It is a fact that pear cut diamonds are the most brilliant among the fancy cut diamonds similar to the popular brilliant round cut diamonds. Because it is assumed that this is a 3-carat pear cut diamond with good clarity and can cost around 60,000 dollars.

Meghan Markle

The engagement ring was custom designed by Prince Harry and it features a trio of diamonds where the centrepiece is flanked by two diamonds placed on a yellow gold band because it is her favourite. Moreover, the centre diamond is sourced from Botswana which is a major diamond-producing African nation.  The centre diamond is 5 carats and totally the trio is around 6.5 carats.

Eva Longoria

It is a round cut ruby with diamond halo setting on a platinum band. Because of using ruby centre stone it is a non-traditional engagement ring similar to sapphire centre stone ring of Princess Diana.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

The centre stone is a 5 carat flawless round cut diamond that is held in position with 4 double prongs and below this centre stone, the base of the ring is wrapped in smaller diamonds. Moreover, this is followed by smaller 5 or 6 diamonds running down along the shank and all these are set on a platinum ring.

These are some of the famous celebrity engagement ring designs that you can refer to create your own design with the help of bridal engagement ring designers.