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A three-stone engagement ring usually has a centerpiece bordered on each of the sides by other gems of the same or smaller sizes. Usually, the center stone in this type of ring is the larger one, but this need not be the case always. Three stone bridal engagement rings have been popular for a while now. Ever since Meghan Markle, who is now the Duchess of Sussex, started to wear hers, it has been a more popular option among ring buyers.

What do the Three Gemstones Represent?

To most people, the three gems represent a love which encompasses the past, present, and future. Therefore, it is also known as a past present and future ring. To others, the gems symbolize friendship, fidelity, and love. Then there are others who believe the ring is a symbol of the Holy Trinity. While the centerpiece is a colored gemstone in some designs, here we will only focus on three stone pieces with a diamond set at the center.

Which One Has More Sparkle: a Single Stone or a Three Stone Ring?

There is no one definite answer to this question, as you have to take many things into consideration. The cut is one of the important characteristics that play a role in how much the gemstone sparkles and how it plays with light. The GIA’s cut grade considers the stone’s proportions, girdle thickness, culet size, the symmetry of diamond facet arrangement, and quality of polish upon its facets. Diamond facets are like small mirrors. The size and placement of facets will affect how the light behaves as it goes through the stone and flashes. Scintillation is too technical a term to explain this phenomenon, which you have to see for yourself to appreciate it better.

The Gemological Institute of America only grades round brilliant diamond’s cut; other shapes do not get cut grades. It can be anything between “Excellent” and “Poor”, depending on how well the round brilliant cut is achieved.

Assuming that both pieces of gems are of equal quality and size, a three-stone ring will offer more sparkle than one with a solitaire at the center. However, what if you are comparing diamonds with a shape other than the modern round? If the sparkle is what you are looking for while comparing diamonds of different sizes, cuts or shapes, view the three stone ring and solitaire under different lighting conditions.