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Marriage Proposal Ideas

A marriage proposal is a time that you want to make memorable in all possible ways. You will desire to make your proposal a unique one so that your partner will remember it always in her life. You can plan and have a unique marriage proposal time in several ways. You can remain original and at the same time, be creative in your proposal. You can make your proposal a simple one or an elaborate one. Here are certain suggestions for unique marriage proposals from which you may choose your favorite one.

Outdoor Proposal

An outdoor proposal can be the most interesting way of a proposal if you and your partner are nature lovers. There are several options before you for an outdoor proposal if you are an adventure lover. You both may go on an outdoor picnic or on a hike where you may propose to her. This can be an experience, which will remain in both of your hearts forever.

Photoshoot Marriage Proposal

You may plan the proposal in this simple way. There are no complexities involved in this. You can use your tripod with the self-timer camera on your phone, and you can propose to her in front of the camera. This will reduce the expense of hiring a proposal photographer.

Proposing on the End of a Hike

You may take your partner on a journey, preferably a hike and at the end of the road or the trail, you may propose to her. This will be very amazing if you are going on a hike to a hill. This again is a beautiful outdoor proposal idea which you may try.

Favorite Author Helped Proposal

If your lover is a bookaholic or a book lover, there is no better way than proposing to her with the help of her favorite author and his book. Seek the help of the author and make him write in his book like, “Will you marry (your name)” at the front of the book. Then plan a picnic or a dinner with her where you can present the book to her. You may also try carving out the book and putting the ring in the middle. Such a proposal will be very special to her, and the book can remain as a physical reminder of the proposal.

Proposal during a Trivia Game

If you want to involve your family or friends in the proposal, you may plan it in such a way that you propose at the time of a trivia game along with family or friends. At the turn of your partner to answer a question, get closer to her and ask her, if she will marry you. That can be a surprise to her and can be a very memorable moment.