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Platinum is shiny, expensive and durable for a precious white metal product, so it is popular for wedding bands and engagement rings. That is what continues to surprise some wedding band and bridal engagement ring designers. It would look lovely if set against diamonds that sparkle. Add to that the fact that platinum is timeless and hypoallergenic, it is understandable why the metal is in demand for the creation of bridal engagement rings too. Keep reading for more information about this beautiful metal.

Platinum’s History

Watchmaker Louis Cartier’s rise to prominence in the late 19th century meant that platinum started becoming widely used for precious jewelry. Cartier innovatively used platinum to design products with it that brought out the metal’s strength and luster. Soon after platinum got popular among royal French people, it gradually became a widely available option throughout the 1900s. Over the last two decades, its popularity has only gone up.

What Else To Consider When Shopping For Platinum Jewelry

How It Compares To Other Jewelry Metal Options

The biggest misconception about platinum may be that it and white gold are the same, in essence, or that the gold variant has better value than it. Both products may appear similar but are pretty different. Yellow gold is alloyed with some metals as well as rhodium-plated, to offer it a white appearance. On the other hand, platinum naturally has a silver-like look.

Another new product that is occasionally mistaken for platinum is palladium. Both are pretty different except for being hypoallergenic and durable. Palladium is a bit tougher, which causes it to be more resistant to scratches and trickier to resize as compared to platinum. Palladium is slightly darker and stronger, as well, which offers superior resistance to both discoloration and corrosion.

Whether A Platinum Band Would Maintain Its Color

Platinum may be pricier as compared to white gold, but the latter metal will periodically have to be plated again with rhodium in order to keep its color. That would not be necessary if you purchase an engagement jewelry piece made with platinum.

Whether It Requires Much Maintenance

Platinum is highly corrosion-resistant, so it does not require much maintenance. Therefore, many describe platinum as a low-maintenance precious metal, which makes it a much better value-for-money option for some customers. The color and shine of platinum are among the reasons why it is popular among jewelry customers. Further, it is not difficult to polish platinum at home, saving money and time as it avoids the need to have it professionally cleaned.