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Icy diamonds are not color enhanced or treated diamonds as many people believe. Instead, they are natural diamonds in their raw form. The peculiar feature about these diamonds is that they are full of impurities, unlike the sparkling diamonds that you see at jewelry stores. The inclusions are usually heavy and this imparts a different type of charm and beauty to icy diamonds. Unsurprisingly, you can find them in many prominent sets of jewelry. Below is a discussion on Icy diamonds.

Icy diamonds are comparatively recent, in terms of formation. They are cloudy, uncut, and rough with a rustic touch. They are gaining popularity day by day due to their unique appearance. Unlike other diamonds, Icy diamonds are not characterized by an excellent cut grade. In fact, these diamonds are usually found in fancy rose cut, oval cut, round cut, and pear cut. They are available in different carat weights and colors as well. Some of the popular icy diamond colors include light yellow, red-brown, gray, yellow, and cloudy white.

Icy diamonds tend to look attractive in bridal engagement rings. Usually, they are paired with popular gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, and emerald. Nowadays, they are sold as single stone jewelry as well. Note that 14K gold and 925 Sterling Silver are the popular metal choices to set these diamonds. Some people prefer them in artistic patterns too. Apart from bridal set engagement rings, icy diamonds are also available in a variety of jewelry options such as diamond bracelets, diamond pendants, and diamond earrings

Why are Icy Diamonds a Great Option?

Natural Icy Diamonds are derived from rough diamond borts. That is, icy diamonds are not the main products of any manufacturer. Rather, it is collected as a side product. Therefore, it involve much lower costs in comparison to other popular forms of diamonds like white and fancy colored diamonds. These diamonds are made from the industrial rough diamonds known as borts. This also contributes to their decreased costs.

Moreover, icy diamonds are incredible choice when it comes to antique jewelry pieces. They tend to bring the classy, old, and rustic looks to the diamond rings which might be a preferred option for many people. The best thing is that they are available in almost every size and shape, offering an excellent range of collection for people to choose from. In short, while icy diamonds will be a great choice for antique style diamond rings, they clearly stand out from the conventional diamonds with their distinguished appearance.