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Oval cut diamonds are also known as “modified brilliant” cut stones because they are a cross between the traditional round brilliant and the pear cut diamond shape. With the immeasurable fire and glow of round diamonds, and the elegance and timeless appeal of pear cut stones, oval diamond engagement rings are sure to make any girl say “Yes” as soon as you pop the question with the stone in hand.

In fact, there are a lot of benefits to choosing an oval cut diamond engagement ring. For one, they feature a unique shape that makes the finger of the wearer appear a bit elongated and slender. So these are perfect for those who have small hands and want to flaunt a unique design on their big day.

Experts say that if you compare an oval cut and a round cut diamond of the same carat weight, the former would appear bigger than the latter because of its larger surface area. This means that you can get a “bigger” stone for the same price that you would have to spend on the traditional option. Below are a few more reasons why you should go for this fancy cut diamond shape.

The Amazing Length to Width Ratio

The ideal length to width ratio of oval cut diamonds is between 1.40 and 1.50. While the ones that have a length to width ratio below 1.40 look wider, those that have above 1.50 appear more slimmer. This means that you can use oval cut stones as not just the centerpiece gem of the engagement ring, but also in pendants and earrings, and even as side stones for the wedding ring. Having more oval shaped jewelry is sure to complement the overall look of the bride.

The Amazing Shine and Glow

As oval diamonds are cut in the same way in which a round stone is cut, they share the same brilliance and fire as that seen in the traditional round cut diamonds. At the same time, oval diamonds present themselves as a unique design for people who are not into following the age-old traditions and old-school styles.

The Amazing Options

The oval cut is not applicable to diamonds alone – there are a lot of other gemstones that are cut in the oval shape. Sapphires, for instance, find their best match in oval cut designs. In fact, even the Kate Middleton engagement ring, which originally belonged to Princess Diana, features a beautifully cut oval sapphire.