Engagement Getaways
Engagement Getaways
Engagement Getaways

We all know what romantic getaways are, but not all people know about engagement getaways. People nowadays are taking a trip to romantic places to get engaged. They believe that the trip and the proposal make the moment one of the most beautiful memories in their lives. Studies have shown that nearly 40 % of all engagements happen during winter.

If you are planning to propose to your loved one this winter, here are some of the best romantic winter locations around the world that you may consider.


If you can’t stop fantasizing about coconut palms and bright sunshine the moment the weather turns cold, Singapore could be your happy place. Leave your coats and scarf at home, put on your summer outfits, and start packing since the beautiful island of Singapore offers a plethora of excellent proposal venues.


As they say, Paris is always a wonderful choice because it is generally referred to as the world’s romantic capital, and winter will be no exception. Setting up a perfectly romantic proposal situation will seem practically straightforward with fewer people in the city and an added cause to hold each other tight.

New York City

New York City in the winter is magnificent, according to 9 out of 10 experts. You don’t need anything more to spice up the romance leading up to your proposal than ice skating in Rockefeller Center in front of its dramatically dazzling Christmas tree, admiring Macy’s famed window decorations, and heading for a night out on Broadway.


In Europe during the winter, there is an obvious romance in the air. During the winter months, Budapest’s beautiful architecture appears even more enticing. In addition, the charming Christmas markets that spring up all throughout town are the ideal romantic pastime.


Prague, both romantic and historic, enchants those who visit. The Czech capital, with its gothic castle standing high above the city’s sea of terracotta rooftops, provides infinite reasons for couples to swoon. Propose by the river, with views of all of Prague’s top attractions as well as the city’s resident swans.


Tulum is a fairly excellent engagement spot, with its gorgeous sun-kissed beaches, ancient Mayan ruins facing the sea, and lush rainforests. If sun, beach, and surf are screaming your name, this is the greatest proposal spot for winter. Plus, how sweet would it be to propose to your partner while swimming in a cenote?