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Once you proposed to your better half, it is time for you to break the news to your friends and family. This calls out for a party, and obviously, there will be usually a number of volunteers, who would want to host your engagement party. Traditionally, it was the right as well as the responsibility of the bride’s parents to throw the pre-wedding bash. However, things have changed now, and anyone, including the couple of honor themselves, can throw the engagement party.

Is it Necessary to Give Gifts to your Engagement Party Host?

Needless to say, you will be showered with a number of gifts during the engagement function. Note that the main thing that you must never forget is to return the favor to your engagement party host too. In fact, this is the best way to thank and appreciate them for the efforts and hard work they did to make you feel special.

It is not necessary that only the couple should offer gifts to the engagement party host. Actually, the guests can also bring gifts for the organizer since they play a major role when it comes to making the guests feel comfortable and keep them entertained throughout the engagement function.

Gift Ideas for your Engagement Maven

Now, most people will be confused when it comes to choosing gifts for their engagement party planner. Thankfully, there are many affordable and useful gift ideas that your party thrower will surely love. Some of such gift options are given below.

Cocktail Napkins

If one of your friends is throwing the engagement bash for you, gifting them cocktail napkins will be one of the best options. In order to make it special, you can personalize it with some images that symbolize your friendship or use some quotes such as ‘we just get each other’, ‘I appreciate your efforts’, etc. You can also team it up with a tumbler in order to make it a total package.

Coffee Table Games

If your host is more into fun and games, a coffee table game will be a perfect gift for her. Just make sure that he/she does not own the same game already. You can take the entire game board to the next level by making it with complex materials like marble, copper, etc., and embellish it with gemstones or other tiny decors. In the case the engagement party host is more into classy and elegant stuff, consider a regal chessboard with minimal embellishments.