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Engagement Party Tips

The engagement party is not all about giving your guests luscious food and drinks at a beautiful location. Enjoying with your friends with some awesome and hilarious party games is also important to make your event lively and entertaining.

The bridal engagement party is traditionally hosted by the parents of the bride in order to announce the wedding ceremony and for introducing the family and friends to one another. However, you could find either or both the families hosting the engagement party nowadays. One of the best ways to get both the families acquainted with each other is by conducting icebreaker sessions and party games. Below is the list of some awesome party games you could try.

Your Knowledge about the Couple

This awesome engagement game is foolproof and a fun game that is made just for the day. In this game, you would have to create a list containing 10 to 20 questions about both the bride and groom individually. You could include things like their favorite season, band, or food. Make either of couple answer all the questions beforehand so as to have a correct list of answers. Ask the questions loudly to the guests and make them write the answers in a piece of paper. The guest who answers the most questions correctly could be gifted a special party favor.

The Bingo Game

Everybody loves the bingo game and if it were personalized, it would make an awesome party game. Here, unlike the common board game containing number and letter combinations, you would be making the board game with images and phrases related to the couple. You could include their meeting spot, wedding date, preferred honeymoon destination, and many more. Anyone who completes five spaces first in a row diagonally, horizontally, or vertically would win the game. You could also make the game more challenging by switching it just one direction.

Guessing the Celebrity Couple

This is really a tricky engagement guessing game. At the start of the game, you would have to ask all the guests to write the names of 10 famous couples in pieces of paper and put all of them in a bowl. Then split the guests into two groups. After this, ask one person to pick a chit from the bowl while the person from other team has to guess the right couple. The guesser is allowed to ask 20 questions to help with the guessing, but the answers should be just “Yes” or “No”. This one is sure to keep all the guests engaged in the party.