Bridal Engagement Tips
Bridal Engagement Party
Bridal Engagement Party

There are different types of engagement parties, and it depends on the couple hosting it. It can be a carefully planned event taking place in a swanky hotel or spontaneously planned on the night day of the proposal. Now that it is clear, let us focus on the engagement party dresses for guest. This can be confusing at times because often it is done impromptu, and it can be either formal or casual dressing. The purpose of this guide is to help you with dressing for an engagement party.

Do Not Wear White

The most important dress code for an engagement party is not to wear white, and this is done mainly to honor the bride who is highly likely to don this color. It is also ideal to avoid wearing traditional bridal colors like pale pink, champagne, etc. The dressing style can be either formal, casual, or semiformal, and it is good to ascertain the dress code before going for the bridal engagement party.

Dress According To Venue Style

You should not judge the dress code for the engagement party depending on the venue. For example, a black-tie event can be hosted in the backyard of a home. You must dress in a polished and refined style even for an at-home fete described as a casual event. This is because dressing appropriately for the event is a respectful way of honoring the couple.  Men can opt for khaki trousers and button-down shirts, while women can go for a floral sundress, etc. Also, for a casual engagement party, a tie and jacket are not required.

The Time Of The Day

The dress code for an engagement party varies according to the time of the day. For example, the dress code at a banquet hall for luncheon is different from that of a dinnertime celebration. During the daytime, women can wear a skirt with a top, day dress, or dress slacks, while men can wear a suit. For night time, men can opt for a more fashion-forward look like black trousers, a velvet or suede blazer, with a matching tie, while women can go for above the knee dresses.

Poolside Engagement Party

Poolside engagement parties are informal events and so is the dress code. You can go in shorts, a swimsuit, and so on. Another similar type is beach parties closer to sunset. They are also casual events. So, men can go for short sleeve shirts and slacks, while women can wear a sundress and pretty hat to block the sun.

So, when in doubt about engagement party dresses for guest, you can consider these things as they will help you to determine the level of formality.