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Getting engaged is one of the most important and happiest milestones in a person’s life. Once you get engaged, it follows proper etiquette to throw a bridal engagement party in order to announce the same. You would usually be inviting close family members and friends to the bash. Most of these guests will be aware of your engagement, which makes many question whether or not it is really important to throw a party t all.

In fact, many find engagement parties to be just pointless tradition that scarcely bears upholding, or a chance to dine with your close people. That said, there are many other important reasons that justify the idea of the bridal engagement party; some of those are listed below.

Break the Ice between your Families

One of the main benefits of pre-wedding bashes is that they offer a platform for the families of the bride and groom to meet each other. Actually, engagement parties tend to be the ice breaker between them, since they can get to know each other well at such events. Furthermore, it is a platform for you to meet and mingle with the family and friends of our partner. This will spare awkward introductions at your wedding ceremonies. Plus, you will not have to look after the convenience of your guests, since they would be enjoying to their best amongst the familiar faces.

A Beautiful Gathering

Nowadays, almost every person leads a busy life and hence, it is hard to meet up with friends and close family members. So, an engagement party would be a great opportunity to meet all your favorite people. No one can politely ignore a close friend’s engagement party invitation. Furthermore, you can introduce your friends to your partner’s, so that they can coordinate with each other and plan the wedding festivities effectively.

Wedding Party Trial

Organizing parties can be really hard and hectic; let alone the case of engagement and wedding parties. Needless to say, wedding parties would be way bigger and more luxurious than engagement parties. Hence, it would be really difficult to plan and organize things then. You can consider your bridal engagement party as a pre-planning exercise for your wedding party. You will have to indulge in things like coordinating the venue, searching for vendors and cheap bridal sets, preparing a guest list, deciding on the menu and decor, etc when it comes to your engagement party prep. You will have to do the same things in an elaborate manner for your wedding party planning. However, the pre-wedding bash planning would make thing easier for you and your team later. In addition, you will get to know about the relationship between your guests. This will help you to decide on a seating arrangement on your wedding day. Obviously, it is better to keep people who share cold vibes as far as possible.

Helps to Narrow Down your Wedding Guest List

According to the engagement party etiquette, it is mandatory to invite all your engagement party guests to your wedding as well. Nevertheless, there are certain exceptions here. If you find any of your guests really annoying or irritating, it is better to omit them from your wedding invitation guest list. After all, you will not have the time to bear their tantrums on the happiest day of your life. Furthermore, it is totally agreeable to pare down your guest list if you plan to tie the knot at a distant destination, or if you prefer a simple and small wedding. It will be worth noting that big engagement bashes are way less expensive and hectic than luxurious wedding parties. Anyhow, it is better to make this clear to your guests as well. Otherwise, they might assume that they are invited to your wedding.

The Best Time for Celebration

You are about to get settled into a new life, and this is no small thing. Without doubt, this calls for a grand celebration. Note that all your friends and family will be super excited to be a part of your happiness. In fact, they would have probably started planning their speech on the hilarious and emotional moments they had with you as soon as they heard about your engagement. Furthermore, it is better to get done with the leg-pulling and embarrassing speeches before your wedding party. Unlike your wedding day, you will be less nervous and more excited on your engagement day. So, you will be able to enjoy and celebrate well on this occasion. Plus, this is a great chance to eat and drink as much as you can with your favorite people. Here, you will not have to be formal at all, since only the closest people are usually invited to engagement parties.