Pearl Diamond Rings
Pearl Diamond Rings
Pearl Diamond Rings

Some consider pearls as an old-fashioned gemstone to use in jewelry. But this is totally bogus as many celebrities including Emma Stone and Ariana Grande have supported using pearl diamond rings as engagement rings. So in this article, we are discussing pearl engagement rings and their features.

About Pearls

Pearls are gemstones that are found inside mussels, oysters, and other shelled mollusks. The sparkling outer covering is the major reason for the popularity of pearls. It is not very common to see pearl engagement rings because they are delicate compared to other gemstones. So if you have one, it can quite grab the attention of a crowd. You can use them for functions and the appreciation from people can make you feel special.

Other than its stunning looks, a pearl is a symbol of loyalty, integrity, and wisdom. All these are important in a relationship and that is why pearl rings can be the perfect choice for an engagement ring.

Merits And Demerits Of A Pearl Engagement Ring

Pearls are a lovely but sophisticated option for your engagement ring. Pearls are highly versatile and hence can match almost all ring metal types. Pearl rings are a marvelous choice for your engagement ring setting, but due to their rarity, pearls are not commonly used for engagement rings.

The major disadvantage of pearl is that it is extremely soft compared to other gemstones. The Mohs scale of hardness is used to measure the hardness of a gemstone and the Mohs scale hardness value for pearl ranges between 2.5 and 4.5. The majority of non-traditional stones used in engagement rings, such as sapphires and rubies, start at an 8, while traditional diamonds get the highest ranking at a 10. Moreover, pearls possess the risk of color fading over time.

Do not handle pearl rings like you handle a diamond ring. You have to take extra care when handling pearl engagement rings. If you are not careful, they can easily get scratched and damaged.

Taking Care Of A Pearl Ring

There is a very thin coating on pearls and it is called nacre. If the nacre is worn away, the shining properties of pearls will be diminished and you can do nothing to restore its shining properties. You should only use a jewelry cloth to clean a pearl and these jewels should not be stored along with other jewelry that can scratch your pearl ornament.