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Colored Engagement Ring

Colored Engagement rings have become very popular and fashionable these days. If your guy put a gemstone ring with the rainbow of shades on you, it shows he really adores you. Colored gemstones, including colored diamonds, are actually a great deal rarer than the classic white diamond. Moreover, they come with special meanings, which far surpass the “girl’s best friend” connotation.

Through the Ages

The oldest reference mentioning the meaning of colored gemstones is found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead (1500 BCE). It was the Egyptians who first introduced the concept of exchanging wedding rings, as they believed that the ring finger of left hand has a vein which goes straight to the heart. Following is a look at the deep meaning assigned to each type of colored ring.

Almandine Garnet

Almandine Garnet is a dark red gemstone which symbolizes love, passion and serenity. Wearing a ring studded with this stone speaks of the promise of a stable, loving and happy relationship.


Aquamarine has a light blue color, specifically the glowing blue of the ocean. It symbolizes good communication, courage and harmony in relationships, and also reminds you to convey your love to your loved one.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire has a dark blue color, which is commonly known as the color of royalty. This gemstone symbolizes being loyal and honest to one another through the best and worst of a relationship.

Blue Topaz

A lot of people lose themselves in the relationships they start. The blue topaz gemstone symbolizes being truthful to oneself no matter what. Wearing an engagement ring studded with this stone arouses a curiosity for you in your partner.

Champagne Diamond

Also called golden brown diamonds, these are highly contemporary and stylish. Champagne diamonds symbolize happiness and energy, which means each day of life with your partner would be a celebration.


Citrine is a yellow gemstone which is also known as lemon quartz. Citrine symbolizes happiness and prosperity. It inspires you to live life to the fullest, focusing on positivity at all time. It encourages one to be dedicated in their married life.


Emerald green is a classic color of richness. It is an optimistic color which is abundantly seen in nature. Wearing an emerald engagement ring symbolizes a successful and happy love life.


Moonstone is a gem which looks pearly white, but flashes a blue shade when it is tilted. It symbolizes an everlasting and beautiful marriage stemming from significant stability in your relationship.