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Engagement Ring Styles

New trends are emerging in the engagement rings styles every year. If your bride-to-be is a person who is closely following the changes in the fashion and jewelry industry, then you will have to give her a new and trendy engagement ring for creating a better impression. Hence, we are listing some popular trends that will conquer the engagement ring market in the coming year.

Colored gemstones

Colored diamonds and gemstones are creating a great uproar in the jewelry world. They are becoming a great choice for people who are searching for a different look for their engagement rings. You can get diamonds and gemstones in a variety of colors including yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, red, brown, blue, etc. The bright and vivid colors they have helped to create a lot of stunning and elegant engagement ring styles.

You can get wide varieties of options in engagement rings that feature colored gemstones. If you cannot find a particular design you are searching for in a jewelry store, then you can buy engagement rings online, where there will be numerous options available for you.

Halo rings

The popularity of halo rings tends to be rapidly increasing. The accent stones that surround the center diamond in the halo ring will provide a larger appearance for the center stone. Hence, this is becoming a great choice for people who desire to give a bigger appearance for their small center stone without spending a good fortune. This design will definitely create a popular choice in the engagement rings styles in the coming year.

Lab-grown diamonds

This has become an incredible choice for people who want an eco-friendly engagement ring. If you have an ethical bride, this is the best way to impress her. Unlike the natural diamonds that are mined from the earth, lab-grown diamonds or synthetic diamonds are created inside a laboratory under controlled conditions. Hence, they have an ethical origin and can avoid the environmental issues caused by the mining of natural gemstones. These diamonds are gaining more and more popularity each day because of their high ethical value, and it’s the best trend to seek out for in the near future.

Minengagement ringsimalist 

They are making a huge comeback in the jewelry industry and are expected to continue this legend in the following years too. This is an excellent option for people who like their engagement rings simple rather than having extravagant or sophisticated designs.

Jewelers add striking stones with delicate bands to create stunning rings that are very simple yet elegant. This is a wonderful option for those who do not like to wear much jewelry.