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You may all be familiar with the ring selfies that are now popping on Facebook and Instagram. It seems as if the engagement season would never end. Hence, this is also the perfect time to dig deep into the present time etiquettes of the bride-to-be, as well as her family and friends.

How to Show your Ring

One of the most courteous ways to show your sparkler on social media is to post a picture of the ring on your left hand. It is very clear that your family and friends would be longing to see your new ring, so when you show it to them, it should not look like bragging. Note that posting a close-up photo of your big diamond ring could look a bit like that.

Sometimes, the diamond centerpiece itself diminishes the couple’s big announcement and shifts the focus to consumerism and carat comparisons. Yet again, this is the modern take on announcing the big news. So, just remember to show your thankfulness to your well-wishers on social media as well.

How to Announce your Engagement

You must really have a smart strategy for conveying your engagement news. Just think about how your mother would feel if she finds out your engagement news on Facebook or Twitter rather than hearing it from you in person. Similarly, if you have children in the family, it is really important to share the big news with them personally. It gives them the chance to best express their actual feelings.

Your closest family members should be the ones to hear the news next after that, and then comes your best friends, your extended family, and everyone close to you. It is better to follow the “personal announcement” by a “public announcement” via social media feeds.

How to Face Questions

You may also have to face many questions concerning the carats, cost, or even legitimacy of your diamond, which could get quite rude at times. However, this could happen anyway, and experts say that it is better to comment on such questions by saying that, “It’s not the size or quality that matters” and that you just love it.

Adding a bit of humor to it also works very well. Like, if someone inquires about the authenticity of the diamond, you could respond by saying “It had better be, or I’ll have some questions for the jeweler!” This would assuredly resolve the situation. In addition to this, you could answer all the questions regarding the price with, “He probably spent more on it than he should have, but I’ll cherish it forever.”

How to Refer your in-Laws

Another thing to remember is to be cool and natural. You should not force the situation; immediately after the second you are engaged or married, you may ponder on whether to refer your mother-in-law as “mom”. If you would like to do this but are not sure on the best way to start, it is by referring your in-laws as “dad” and “mom” in a card.

One of the most important things to remember is that everyone you invite for your engagement party should also be conventionally invited for the wedding. This is why most people keep a relatively small engagement party. Many a times, this list is constrained to the bridal party, family members, and a couple of close friends.

How to Host the Engagement Party

Usually, the first chance for throwing the engagement party is given to the bride’s parents. Yet, anybody can host the celebration, whether it is your friends or even yourselves as an engaged couple. However, it would not be a good etiquette to ask your best man or maid of honor to carry out these duties because they would probably have many other things to arrange too.

Etiquettes for the Friends and Family

It is actually natural that you would like to know many details from the clarity of the diamond to its carat weight, but is always better to keep all these questions to yourselves. Just trust this; if the bride-to-be wanted to share all this information with you, then she would have already told you so.

Additionally, never ask the bride-to-be about the engagement party and put her in an awkward situation; that could be embarrassing if she had planned a small party and was not thinking about including you to the list. Yet again, just wait until the couple announces the big news, or at least, till they have publicly made a post concerning their engagement. You must not break their surprise too early.

Giving an engagement gift has become a custom in many places. The weddings and all the events concerning it could leave a hole in your pocket, and therefore, it is really okay to give an affordable gift. You just have to present them with a small token that conveys your gesture of affection towards the newly engaged couple.