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Engagement parties are often associated with fun and exciting things such as bridal engagement gifts, bridal engagement dresses, photo-shoots, etc. Once you get engaged, the newly engagement bliss, however, usually tends to last only for a few weeks or months in case of most couples. Then comes the phase when you are not dating but counting down the days to your happily-ever-after. During this time, some couples are likely to encounter a list of decisions that can badly affect their relationship. In fact, these decisions can become obstacles along your way to the altar. Two of those common problems that newly engaged couples must look for and tackle strategically are given below.

Being a perfectionist

Most couples, especially brides would have started planning for their wedding from their teenage years. Hence, it will be like their fairytale dream coning true moment for them. The main issue here will be that they often forget to consider the likes of the groom. In other words, they simply forget to take inputs from their fiancé.

Note that your future husband will definitely have an opinion when it comes to wedding planning and it might not be necessarily the same as yours. In such cases, instead of being a bridezilla, try to do the arrangements in a way that both your requirements are met. For instance, if you want a church wedding and your fiancé like an outdoor wedding. You can tackle the situation by conducting a church wedding and an outdoor reception.

Where to live

Another factor on which couples are likely to fight over is the place to live. Most couples may start living together once they get engaged. Otherwise, they may wait until the marriage. Anyway, one of the partners will have to pack all their stuff and move into the other person’s home. This can be a tough decision and hence, must be sorted as early as possible. Some couples may even decide to purchase a home and move in together. Needless to mention, everyone loves their family and this step will be extremely painful.

To tackle this issue, try to choose a place that is close to your family, work, and friends to live in. make sure to discuss the budget and expenses well before taking this step. Note that if you decided to proceed with the idea, you will have to do your home hunting as well amidst all your wedding planning. This may add extra pressure. Similarly, if one of you decided to move into your spouse’s home, it can be a bit hard for you to adjust with the family at times. However, this will be a better option since you can take your time and find a home at your own pace after marriage in this case.