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It is not easy to find the perfect ring for your engagement. From deciding a budget to making the actual choice, you have to consider many things to make an informed purchase decision. Your horoscope can also help determine which gemstone, cut and setting to choose for your ring. Here, we will take a look at the perfect piece for many star signs, based on the tastes and traits of the zodiac.


Romantic, brave and fierce Aries is ruled by mars. Therefore, it makes sense to include some kind of red stone in the ring. Stereotypical Aries and the British royal family member, Princess Eugenie got a beautiful diamond and padparadscha sapphire ring from her then beau, Jack Brooksbank.

The coral colored gemstone bears a similarity to her mother Sarah Ferguson’s ring, which had a ruby center gemstone encircled by diamonds.


Stubborn and straight-talking Taurus knows just what they want to own, and the thing they desire most is often of the greatest class and price. Many diamonds set on top of a luxurious band made of yellow gold, would be the ideal ring for Taurus. After all, this is a star sign valuing quality over quantity.


Pearl is the symbol of Gemini and it is the lucky birthstone for those with this star sign. Pearl is the symbol of both eloquence and intelligence. A pearl gemstone set in a pave diamond setting or in a statement ring, which involves blue agate gemstone, would suit this passionate and smart sign.


People with this star sign are larger-than-life, and they need a bold and glamorous engagement ring to match this fiery sign. Leo is represented by the Lion, an animal loving the spotlight, so choose a dramatic engagement ring for it.

Larger is better for this star sign, so choose a striking gold piece with a statement gemstone, accented by diamonds. If you are wondering which are statement stone options, ruby, sapphire, emerald or even a big opal would do the trick.


Fashionable Libra makes an enduring first impression no matter where they visit, and their ring should also create the same impact on the eye of the observer.

Classic Libra and reality TV star, Kim Kardashian’s 20-carat diamond ring is still the epitome of this star sign. Another stereotypical Libra is Cardi B, and she earned this reputation thanks to her white gold ring with a double halo diamond setting.