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Bridal Engagement Ring Guide

It will be a dream come true moment for every woman when the love of her life proposes to her. However, what if he professes his love with an awkward diamond ring? Of course, your happiest moment will soon become a nightmare. Actually, this happens a lot since men usually prefer surprise proposals.

Here, the main issue is that the brides will not be able to express their true feelings as it may hurt their partner’s emotions. Furthermore, the very thought that you will probably have to wear that thing on your finger for the rest of your life will be killing you. Luckily, there are some brilliant ways to handle this delicate situation, and some of those ideas are listed below.

Give it Some Time

You would have noticed that some things that did not impress you at the very first sight became your favorite after a couple of days. The same thing can happen to your bridal engagement ring as well. For this, wear your ring for some days and evaluate the result. In most cases, the emotional value of your engagement bridal set ring will outshine your desire for a particular diamond ring design. This point will be really significant when it comes to an heirloom diamond ring that is a symbol of your man’s family tradition.

Modify your Ring

If you find your bridal engagement rings too gaudy or simple, you may slightly tweak its design in order to match your style and personality. Some of the ideal ways for this include adding a halo, removing some gemstone settings, swapping out the diamond ring band, adding diamond ring enhancers, etc. If it happens to be an heirloom diamond ring, it is recommended to consult a gemologist who is specialized in upgrading such antique diamond rings since it requires great skill and patience.

Talk to your Partner

If no options find appealing to you, it is better to talk to your partner right away. After all, you have to wear it on a daily basis. Note that diamond engagement rings hold an important part in your relationship and a wrong choice can lead to annoyance and detestation in the future. This may eventually affect your relationship as well. However, make sure to talk about the subject in such a way that your partner does not feel offended. This is actually one of those vulnerable conversations and any wrong word choice can color your relationship badly.