Diamond Engagement Ring With Sapphire Halo
Diamond Engagement Ring With Sapphire Halo
Diamond Engagement Ring With Sapphire Halo

Few things can be as catastrophic as losing your engagement ring. The realization of it is normally followed by a sinking feeling in your stomach, not to mention the crushing guilt – both of which you can do without if you’re already busy planning for a life-altering event. If you ever find yourself in such a corner, the first thing to do is to stop blaming yourself and switch quickly into recovery mode. Following are some of the steps you can take at this point.

Figure Out When The Ring Was Lost

The key to figuring out where the little shiny monster might be is by thinking back to all the recent moments you remember having had it with you. Recollect the last time you were sure of its whereabouts, and then you’ll have a much better chance of getting it back as quickly as possible. This way you also know where to start your search.

Call The Experts

If by some chance you arrive at the conclusion that your diamond engagement ring with sapphire halo tumbled down a drain, immediately call a plumber. Similarly if for some reason it fell into the sand on a beach at a pre-wedding getaway of some sort, try and get staff from the hotel to help you out with a metal detector.

File For Insurance

Assuming you were smart enough to have had insurance on your diamond engagement ring with sapphire side stones like most women do, file an insurance claim as soon as you realize it’s missing. The insurance company should be alerted immediately as to the status of the ring, and the best window for letting them know is within the first 24 hours. If your search ends in a happy find, you can cancel the claim, but if it doesn’t then it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

Call Your Jeweler                               

Call your jeweler ASAP and find out if they have something in the same style, or if they can maybe recreate a similar ring. If you happen to be a repeat buyer, they might even give you a discount. While you may have attached a certain amount of emotional value to the exact piece that you lost, it makes sense to move on and get a temporary ring if the initial piece doesn’t show up after a drawn-out search.

And last but certainly not least, try to handle the whole situation with finesse. Only let a few people know of your predicament, and that too only if you know they can keep their mouths shut until you’ve somehow resolved the problem.