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Halloween Proposal Ideas

If you are a person who wants to sway from traditions, and are delighted when things go bump up the night, you should definitely consider celebrating this Halloween with a daring proposal. Not many would add Halloween to the list of holidays or days ideal to propose to their someone special, but the daredevil hearts would. After all, a proposal means to surprise someone close to you. What better way to do that than on Halloween, the kind of day in which you can scare people but in a good way. So to help you out, below are 3 creative ideas to propose marriage to the love of your life this Halloween.

Under the Stars

The night sky on Halloween holds a special magic as well as mystic meaning. Before the night clock signals the end of day and the beginning of All Saints Day, propose to your lover under the stars. Set up an atmosphere for it, with a blanket, a romantic wine, and a bagful of her favorite chocolates and candies to celebrate the night. You can even stage a backyard Halloween party to celebrate the occasion.

On a Ghost Tour

If there are haunted streets or areas in your neighborhood and they are known for ghost tour during the holidays, then schedule one late at night on Halloween. Make it a point to scout for areas of interest that might just amp up the magic of your proposal or just ask your tour guide about them. This is a fun way to include your family and friends too, without your intended knowing why they are actually there.

With a Black Diamond Ring

It is obvious that each proposal becomes perfect with a diamond ring. For Halloween, find the dark beauty with otherworldly properties, even one that is more durable than a white diamond. Of course, you can select a gemstone that is suited for the special occasion. While a white diamond ring is a traditional option, a black diamond proposal ring is far better suited for a Halloween proposal.

Mount the black diamond in an engagement ring setting that highlights its dark color to make it suit the occasion. In addition, select a precious metal band with a mirrored shine such as platinum or titanium to spruce up its overall appeal. When the time is right, just take it out, get down on your knees, and pop the question.