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It is said that couples in the US stay engaged for up to 13 months or so on an average. However, there is a perception too that getting married within a few months of the engagement ceremony is the best thing to do since that avoids a prolonged wait and maintains the excitement. Yet again, there are some reasons as to why couples wait for a longer timeframe. Depending on your or your partner’s life situation, these factors may influence how and when your wedding pans out.

Wedding Ceremony Entails Stress

No matter how prepared you are for the big day, the fact that wedding bells are ringing could lead to some stress. For some people, this could be work-related or regarding postponing work and getting back to life, but for others, the stress may be due to financial concerns. Thus, planning the marriage by taking time may be a better thing to do rather than rushing into it before you are prepared for the life after bachelorhood.

There is No Deadline for Marriage

If you are getting married for the first time, the prolonged wait for that and the days you two spend with each other could be a better life in comparison. Marriage is a practice people tend to enjoy, but this may not be true for everyone. For some, a year spent after being engaged could be better than a decade of living together as a married couple. With the engagement done, you get a consent to stay in touch from your families too.

Wedding Means Busy Times Ahead

If you are up for the challenging schedule of having to invite people for the marriage on short notice and, say, manage a rewarding project simultaneously, go ahead with your plans. However, if you are not ready for that, it will be wise to complete the work project and get married when you have more money in the bag at a later time.

You Can Know Each Other Better

How often have we seen people getting married only a few months into the proposal and realizing that they are no match made in heaven? In fact, getting married after getting to know each other could work to your advantage. The marriage only goes on to strengthen that bonding, which you have achieved with days spent chatting and sharing secrets after the engagement.