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Holiday Engagement
Engagement Party Ideas

There are few feelings as sweet as that of being newly engaged, and getting engaged during the holidays is one way to top it off. People who do this have many reasons for their choice, ranging from romantic to plain practical. Following are a few that fall in various places on that spectrum.

Extending the Happy Feeling

Holiday season tends to get you to relax and often even enjoy yourself. It would definitely be a good idea to keep that cheer going by introducing the lynchpin of all your future happiness – a holiday engagement – and sharing it with family.

Easier to Invite People

It is less trouble inviting people you consider special to come over during the holidays, because at that time of year they are probably with or near you, or headed in for a yearly visit. They can be present for your big moment, and share in your story when you tell it later.

A Family Get-Together Makes you Want a Family of your Own

The more parties you attend after getting home, the more you will start noticing families as units, and your current lack of one. Provided you see this as a good sign, it is best to go with what your heart tells is right, especially if you have that perfect person lined up to complete you as a human being. If a proposal is in the stars for you, do nothing to prevent it. You may not get such a golden setting for it later.

It is Romantic

The holidays are considered the most romantic time to proposed or be proposed to, second to Valentine’s Day of course. Even if you are averse to picking bandwagon behavior in most things, there are many things that speak in favor of getting engaged during the holidays, the main ones being the setting and mood. You probably are like most people in feeling refreshed and younger than your years come Christmas, so why not put that to good use making your sweetheart and you happy?

An Engagement Ring is an Epic Christmas Gift

When a guy proposes, he basically offers himself to the woman standing before him. No Christmas gift can beat finding out that your loved one wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Maybe it would feel sweeter if he did it while your ex happened to be passing by, but you cannot always count on miracles, can you?