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Are you about to head out on vacation with the love of your life? Has the idea of proposing been playing on your mind lately? What if you did not wait till you got back, and instead popped the question while you were both away from home? There are plenty of success stories along these lines, mainly because few women exist who would not be awed by their man pulling off a memorable destination proposal. The specifics are all yours, but on a fundamental level, you need to do the following things.

Ask for Help if you Need it

Wooing your girl for hopefully the last time will be about the most challenging thing you do in this life, so rest assured you will need all the help you can get. If you generally make friends at every place you visit, it could pay off here. If you fall in the vast group of men have no real idea of how to handle a proposal, consider asking someone who has seen lots of bent-knee proposals.

The moment you arrive at the hotel, surreptitiously pull a concierge aside and clue them in on your intention. In fact, start even earlier, and read up on the different proposal-worthy spots before you even leave home. Maybe the timing will coincide with a fun event or a shooting star, in which case your proposal will soar in terms of cherished memories.

Think Outside the Box

You may wish your engagement moment to be private and romantic, but nothing says you cannot make it even more special by throwing adventure into the mix. If the idea appeals, set up an outdoor proposal that leaves her stunned; try proposing while scuba diving, or in a hot air balloon while she is busy enjoying the scenery.

Make sure you do it in a way that she likes, and preferably one that floors her. This would definitely set the tone for your relationship from that point on, and you want her to see you as a man who cares deeply about her feelings. Of course, this is not all pretend; you also need to work to be the person she believes you to be. Where an engagement proposal is concerned though, pull out all the stops as a way of showing her how much she means to you.

Think Romantic Thoughts

Engagement Proposal
Wedding Proposal Tips

The whole point of a proposal is to show her how romantic you can actually be. The destination simply sets the stage for what is one of the most important moments in your life, so make sure to soak in all the positive energy. Above all, focus on the romantic side to the situations you typically find yourselves in – the exotic nature of the place, the fact that no one for miles around knows either of you, etc.

You can afford to make a fool of yourself just to make her laugh, such as by singing your proposal off an Italian gondola, dancing to reggae in the Caribbean, or daring her to marry you after you do something really outrageous and funny.

Take Pictures of Everything

Assuming your proposal goes fantastically well and she says yes, you will want to relive the moment later through the memories you managed to capture. Remember to take pictures you can show friends and family, so it becomes part of a story that never ends.

The best thing is to have a photographer lined up before you bring out the ring, pretending they are there on other business. Make sure he or she understands the significance of capturing your soon-to-be bride’s expression completely. This will be something for the both of you to laugh about years from now.

Have a Back-Up Plan, and Stay Cool

Panicking is the last thing you want to do when waiting to ask a girl to marry you. As with most things, things can go sideways pretty easily, but you need to hold your focus on what matters. The bottom line is that you ask her the big question in a setting where she is comfortable, happy, and receptive. If that setting does not come along, like if the weather turns dark or she take ill, wait for a better time and in the meantime, go back to being a great boyfriend.

If you have your mind set on proposing while on vacation, it is best to have a back-up plan in place. For example, if your favorite spot is getting pelted with unholy rain on the day you planned to make the big move, see if you can whip up a similar ambience on your room balcony. This is where you could really use help from a concierge, who can tell you all the best ways to achieve a romantic setting.