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Think back to the first time you set out to find a person to date. At the time, it may have seemed a long shot that you would get to be with someone, who matched you in some of the most gratifying ways imaginable. Fast forward to today, and you are in a steady relationship that seems headed for the stars. Your significant other is someone you love and respect, and lately you have begun wondering what it would be like to be married to such a wonderful woman.

If you detest the prospect of being confused by every pseudo-expert who wishes to impart engagement advice, look for the following signs, which tell you that you are ready to propose.

You Both Already Lead Full Lives

There need to be two whole people in any relationship. Each must have a life of their own, filled with friends, family, social life, and a career. Marriage should not be the solution to a problem you cannot solve in another way, so refrain from getting engaged to fill a void in your heart. If you can hold off at those times, it may even benefit you afterwards when you actually are in a relationship, and when some of your responsibilities demand a high level of autonomy. On the other hand, if you and the person you are dating are both at a good place in your lives, and marriage seems too logical to keep putting off, you should probably get started on picking out an engagement ring.

You like Each Other for Who you are

Any relationship with a strong core is built around acceptance between partners. If you have someone you like for their bad qualities as well as good, it makes sense to want them in your life for as long as possible. Most people who expect their significant others to change after an engagement or even marriage, are in for disappointment of the worst kind. A married life can make it harder to stomach the failing of your partner, no matter how hard they try to offset them. Simply ask yourself if you like the person you are with, and if you like them even when they are hard for others to be around. A hard “yes” may be your cue to start planning your proposal.

Your Everyday Moments with Them are Precious

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No man and wife get to consistently enjoy romance and adventure after tying the knot. There are bound to be ups and downs which you would have to go through together. Be sure that you are ready for such a life. Do you treasure even the simplest, plainest things about your partner more than the rare glamorous moments you get to spend together? Are you ready to share the complexities of everyday life with them?

You Do Not Care About Other “Options”

If this is the case, then she is the one, as long as she will have you for a husband, of course. For this one person, you might be willing to give up contact with your highly cordial ex-girlfriend, or even a close friend. If you think it is a price worth paying, then that says a lot about how you feel towards your partner. Just make sure that no part of you is still reminiscing a “girl that got away”.

You are Good for Each Other

Not every couple draws out the best in each other, which is sad. This is an important sign of whether you should be spending your lives married to each other. Does your girl make you a better person, and do you want to stay that person for as long as you can? Once you get engaged, you would probably be on best behavior, but think ahead to this becoming routine, and ask yourself if you could live with that. If yes, and if she brings the best energy whenever she is around you, then why not find a way to make her stay?

You Make a Great Team

In marriage, you often make sacrifices so your partner gets to be happy. If this is already the case, and you find this is the most fulfilled you have ever been up until now, then marriage is a move worth considering. The bottom line is that you should be ready to not have things go your way every time, or even half the time. Know each other’s triggers and stay as far away from those as possible. If this comes naturally, it is a sign that you can make a great couple. Additionally, you need to gauge the amount and effectiveness of communication in the relationship, and how satisfied it leaves the two of you. If you have done all this, and she respects you for having made the effort, then she is a definite keeper.