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A diamond engagement ring marks the beginning of a beautiful relationship and also represents an everlasting love and unity between couples. Hence, it ought to be special and unique so that it stands out from the rest of the crowd. In most cases, even the most modern bride goes for a traditional or timeless design for their sparkler because of its classic elegance.

Additionally, this type of diamond ring designs will never go out of fashion, unlike its contemporary counterparts. Apart from the looks, you must be critical of some of the aspects of the sparkler as well such as the settings, gemstones, your lifestyle, personality, etc. Consider your lifestyle, for instance, if you lead an active lifestyle, it is better to choose a safe setting such as the bezel or channel. This type of settings will safeguard your stone from constant knocks or chippings. After all, you may have to wear it for the rest of your life.

There is also a wide range of classic diamond ring collections. A traditional solitaire diamond ring is a ring that belongs to the above category. This type of diamond engagement ring is ideal for couples who prefer a traditional design but leads a modern lifestyle. No wonder, this is one of the most beautiful and preferred engagement ring designs for ages.

In this design, a round brilliant cut diamond is flaunted at the center of a 22k yellow gold ring by means of traditional four-prong settings. However, you can also choose six or eight prongs depending on the size of the gemstone.

Here, the diamond ring band and other settings are kept low-key in order to draw the attention of viewers directly towards the center stone. You can also elevate the design by paving melee diamonds entirely on the diamond ring band if you give priority to the sparkle of the ring.

The popular diamond ring setting and the diamond ring shape is the halo setting and the round brilliant shape respectively. Hence, no other designs can beat the utmost elegance offered by the combination of a round brilliant cut and a halo setting. In this design, a round brilliant cut diamond of decent size is prong set at the center of a platinum ring.

Additionally, a halo of melee diamond is given around the main gemstone in such a way that it is one step below the surface of the center stone. So, along with highlighting the main diamond, the setting will also create an illusion of the gemstone floating in the air.