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Everyone thinks of outfits to wear well in advance of a bridal shower and engagement party. However, have you thought of what games to play during the times of inactivity? After all, this is something that presents you a chance to get together with your near and dear ones and have a good time together. So here are some of the top games to play in the ceremony.

Doubles Jenga

Jenga refers to a game where people take turns to get rid of blocks of wood from a stack that is formed brickwise. The loser is the one who causes the brick tower to fall down.  Take the game to another level by having bridal shower guests pair up as well as play against a different couple. Here is the twist for you: tie the hands of couples together, and make it tougher for them to play it. The couple who wins the game proceeds to take on the next couple, and the last pair standing wins.

Groom and Bride Photo Challenge

People will love this game featuring favorite photographs of the groom and bride, taken at various ages. Print those photos, and keep a “guessing sheet” each for your guests. Pin the game tile as well as every photograph alongside a number upon a poster or bulletin board. Hand out the sheet and pencil or pen to each guest, have them guess your groom or bride’s age, and whoever gets the most right answers wins.

Wedding Ring Toss

In the classic version of the game, people toss rings around a peg. It is a game designed for anyone who is always young at heart.

Take the bridal party outdoors with a spin on this classic game. It features metal rings and glass bottles, which are both painted copper, inside a crate. Find a rival, and take turns throwing all the rings, and see who is able to land the most upon the bottles.

Groom and Bride Trivia

Challenge guests at the wedding shower to see who knows both the groom and bride the best. This game only necessitates a printable trivia sheet and pencil or pen for each guest. Download and copy/print as many sheets as you need. Have the groom and bride themselves fill one out containing the right answers, so that the host can use it later to see who got the most ones correct.