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Dessert tables are always a hands-on winner at engagement parties. Along with offering a wide range of sweet treat for your guests, dessert tables are one of the perfect options to lift up the overall ambiance of your engagement party. No wonder, most couples love to consider an engagement cake in order to symbolize the love and commitment in their relationship. The main aim of including dessert options in your engagement menu is to show that your relationship will be as sweet as those delicacies.

There are numerous options when it comes to engagement dessert though, so it will be really challenging for the couple to pick a few from a pool of options. Besides, your wedding expenses may go out of hand if you do not plan things properly. Note that most of the engagement delicacies, especially the engagement cake, will be really expensive if not designed wisely. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the best engagement dessert options that you may consider in order to style up your special day.

Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes are one of the best desserts that all your guests will love to relish. You may add customized designs or chocolate sprinkles on top of the cupcakes. Otherwise, simply write the initials of the couple of honor on the cupcakes using whipped cream of contrasting color.

Note that along with being tasty, your engagement sweet must be appealing as well. If you have a flexible budget, you can go for personalized platters for serving dishes as well. In order to take your overall eating experience to the next level, pair up your sweet treats with an Italian roast.

Apple Pie Americana

If you are planning to get engaged during the summer, you must be really crucial to choose an engagement dessert that can beat the scorching heat. One of the best options for this is a slice of American apple pie along with a cup of ice tea. You can also keep different types of spices on your dessert table so that your guests can add it to their beverage as per their taste. It is also recommended to keep some apple slices along with the pie.

Nutella Cheesecake

The engagement cake will be one of the main attractions that describe the relationship of a couple. Hence, people try their best to make it unique and appealing. One of the best options that you may consider here is a Nutella cheesecake; this will be perfect if the couple of honor loves Nutella.

One of the main attractions here is that you can make your Nutella cake right at your home. Once your engagement cake is ready, cut it into medium-sized bars and garnish it using melted Nutella. It is recommended to make at least two cakes, because Nutella desserts are more likely to go faster.

Chocolate Brownies

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Usually, dessert tables at an engagement party will be crammed with options such as pink fluffy cupcakes and other baked stuff. All such options are often considered as female-oriented. One of the best options that no men at your party will turn down is brownies. In fact, this will be a great sweet treat, which every person irrespective of the gender and age will love to savor.

You can choose either a creamy brownie or a fudgy one depending on your taste preferences. Furthermore, do not forget to garnish your dessert with nuts, chocolate chips, crème cheese, or any other ingredients. In order to complement the ultimate taste of brownies, serve them with a cup of chilled beer.

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Cake

If you want to lift up the luxury quotient of your event, you may go for a seasonal fruitcake. In case you are going to take the next important step in your relationship during the summertime, berries will be a good choice. Flaunt your local beauty by making a lemon tart and top it with ripe and fresh blueberries.

Additionally, serve it with a cup of fresh mixed berry mojito. This would be a great combination to beat the blazing heat of the sun. Otherwise, you can make a fruit salad by blending a number of seasonal fruits along with some other ingredients.

Embellished Engagement Cake

There are many amazing decorating options for your engagement cake. Some of those include figurine toppers, floral designs, sprinkles, glittering décors, etc. If you want to take it to the next level, you can make a personalized engagement cake.

Nowadays, most couples prefer to choose the love story theme for their engagement treat. That is, highlighting all the important moments in your relationship such as the proposal, first kiss, first date, etc., on the cake. However, if you are looking for an affordable option, a cake that is entirely covered with multi-colored sprinkles will be a decent option.