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Once you have decided to take the next important step in your relationship, it is time to arrange a grand party and announce your engagement. Usually, people use only superlative terms to address your engagement day such as the biggest day, happiest day, best day, etc. So, your engagement function ought to be the best-dressed day as well.

When it comes to engagement outfit, the limelight will be on the bride by the large, even though the groom plays an equal role. Hence, the options for men will be somewhat limited when it comes to their engagement outfit choices. In order to help you out with this, below is a helpful guide to pre-wedding outfit ideas for guys.

While choosing an engagement outfit, your main focus must be to be the best looking man at the venue. After all, it is your day. One of the best options that you may consider here is classic outfit ideas. Most people have a misconception that choosing a traditional outfit will make them look like their grandfathers. Yet in fact, this is the best option to timestamp your pre-wedding photos.

The Classic Two-Piece Suit

All the men who prefer to show off a modern elegance on their engagement day can go for a simple yet stylish two-piece suit, preferably in charcoal gray or dark navy color shades. You can go for white or any other light-colored shirt and a simple tie here, which is sure to give an understated elegance to your attire. However, make sure that your outfit complements your fiancée’s dress as well.

Solid Colored Two-Piece Suit

As mentioned, the classic color option for your engagement suit is charcoal gray and navy blue. Apart from that, the color choices such as beige, light gray, shades of blue, etc., will also be some decent options for a two-piece suit. You must also consider the month and place of your engagement as well while choosing colors for your outfit. Anyhow, it is recommended to avoid vibrant colored suits unless you are getting engaged in Las Vegas; avoid suits with too many patterns as well, because it will look too gaudy.

Three-Piece Ensemble

Another versatile outfit idea for the groom is a three-piece ensemble that almost looks like a double-breasted jacket. This type of outfit comes with a vest and a matching waistcoat in order to offer an elegance and formality to the basic men’s two-piece suit. Besides, you can hang your jacket over your shoulder while posing for photos in order to raise your hotness quotient.