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Engagement parties will be usually the first time that the family and relatives of both the bride and the groom meet. Hence, this “official” gathering in order to celebrate the union of a couple needs to be something special and memorable, and it is totally in the hands of the host because it is their responsibility to organize and execute an engagement party well.

Speaking of hosting the party, it was the responsibility of the bride’s family to throw an engagement party in the old days. Yet things have changed now and the siblings, friends, or even the bride and the groom themselves, can organize the event. In that case, it is quite normal for you to have many doubts regarding the engagement party, especially if you are throwing an engagement bash for the first time. In order to help you with this, below are some frequently asked questions regarding the etiquette to be followed in a pre-wedding party.

Who Exactly Throws an Engagement Bash?

As said, the bride’s parents used to throw a party traditionally, but now, anyone can host an engagement party for their loved ones. However, you must consult with the bride, groom, and their families before deciding on the arrangements, especially regarding the food and guest list.

When to Throw an Engagement Party?

The time of throwing an engagement bash is totally up to the convenience of the couple. Typically, engagement parties are organized as soon as two people get engaged; normally, within the first few months of the engagement. This time will be ideal to host a party with an utmost excitement and you will not be stressed about your wedding preps either. However, in case you got engaged in a foreign country and cannot fly back for a couple of months, it is okay to postpone your bash. In such a case, just make sure that no other ceremonies related to your wedding are conducted before that.

What is the Duration of an Engagement?

According to a recent study, an average couple stays engaged for around 14½ months before they get married. Note that this is just an average calculation. In some cases, engagements will be like super short, that is, for two weeks or a month. On the other hand, there are engagements that lasted for 2 to 3 years as well.

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The advantage of having a short engagement is that the excitement level stays at peak, while its downside is that the stress of wedding preparations also goes higher. In case of longer engagement, you will get enough time to do the preparations, but the excitement might diminish with time here. Nevertheless, it is up to the couple to decide what works best for them.

Is it Necessary to Send Formal Invitations?

In order to decide whether or not to send formal invitations to your guests, you must decide the type of party you want to throw first. If you are planning to keep your event low-key, it will be better to skip the formal invitations. This type of gatherings will be held commonly at home or in the courtyard of a family member or friend. However, do not forget to notify your guests about the bash.

For this, you can send an email, group text, or create a Facebook event. Otherwise, you can make some phone calls to invite your guests. In case you are planning to host a formal engagement party, it is ideal to send formal invitations to all your guests. Still, be sure not to make it a big deal like a wedding invitation, unless you want your celebration to be a fancy affair.

How to Prepare a Guest List?

Preparing the guest list will depend on the people hosting the party. Ideally, an engagement party guest list will have people whom you are planning to invite for your wedding too, unless a friend is throwing the engagement bash for you. However, it is recommended to keep you engagement guest list small by including only close family members and intimate friends. This way, you will be able to spend time with all of them.

Furthermore, make sure that almost all your gets share the same wavelength in order to make your event a big hit. When it comes to the time of sending out the invitations, it is ideally done 2 to 3 weeks before the party so that your guests will not forget the date.

Is it Possible to Have More than One Engagement Party?

You can throw as many engagement parties as you like; this will be up on your social circle and budget. In many cases, you will have to throw different parties for your colleagues, friends, family, and all. Additionally, just like your family members your friends will also be interesting in hosting an engagement bash for you.