Bridal Engagement Party
Engagement Party
Engagement Party Must-Haves

Whether you are holding your engagement party in a formal way or a casual one, there are some definite must-haves. Everyone wishes to throw something grand and unique, but while straying from the beaten path is often a good idea, it can prove disastrous if you leave out the following 5 things that are essential to any engagement day.

A Perfect Theme

Let’s forget all the traditional engagement parties that did not have any particular theme. Currently, having a theme is the ruling trend. You should choose a theme for your engagement party by discussing it with your partner. This is important, because if only one of you likes it, then a lot of things could go wrong. Color theme, pattern theme, story theme, or others; there are more than enough options to choose from. If you have a personalized theme, then it would give the party a much more unique touch.

Social Treats

You will definitely be inviting many foodie friends or family members to your party. This means you would need to have a great selection of foods to treat them to. It could be a good thing to go informal with the food menu. If your party is during the evening or night, you can opt for many different kinds of light snacks so that your guests can enjoy the variety. In addition, you can throw in a signature cocktail as well. Opt for a buffet arrangement, canapés, or a walking menu so that your guests can sit back and enjoy their food.

Mingling Guests

Engagement day is the best day to meet new people, not only for you but for the guests as well. Since you would probably invite all the engagement party attendees to your wedding as well, it would be great if your guests knew one another before your wedding day, so that they could feel comfortable with everyone around. It is wise not to have seating plans, because that may limit some of your guests to sitting with a group of people they already know and maybe don’t like all that much.

Photo Booth

A photo booth is a cool option you need to have for sure. To get some really good photos, opt for a photo booth where the couple, friends, and family can click cool pictures. Select a beautiful backdrop that matches your party theme, or go for simple and elegant backdrops like flowers. You can hire either a professional photographer or a friend who is known for clicking good snaps.

Useful Favors

Most likely, some of your friends or family members will have traveled a long distance to be at your party. So do not skimp on party favors. You do not have to spend too much on these; buy them something inexpensive but valuable. For instance, you can give them edible gifts (like homemade chocolates), candles, coasters, notebooks, disposable cameras, etc.