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For a maid of honor or bridesmaid planning a bachelorette party for her special girl, it is important to fully understand the complete range of big and small things that cannot be done without. A memorable celebration is more than just a decadent trip to Vegas; in fact, classy women these days turn in other directions, such as holding gourmet meals for their closest friends.

Every foodie in your group is bound to be ecstatic at the prospect of a steakhouse dinner party, or even better, a multi-course home-cooked meal prepared by a hired chef. This is one way to enjoy a great time in good company, and hopefully one, that you will always remember. If you want to go with the idea of a post-engagement party, following are some of the aspects you should pay close attention to.

The Dinner Menu

A scrumptious gourmet meal is something most people do not get to enjoy a lot, so when you get the chance to enjoy it with the best girls in your life, try and make the most of it. The cuisine options should be carefully considered beforehand so that you can choose what the bachelorette will like the most.

The options you can pick from would include French, American, Ethiopian, Italian, Indian, Brazilian, Greek, Mediterranean, Japanese, Thai, or a fusion. Before picking one, know about any preferences and allergies including those related to gluten, vegetarian foods, and vegan fares. Everyone must know they are being accommodated as much as possible, and any dietary restrictions they carry have been considered in the choice of menu.

Booking at a Restaurant

Before booking a table, or as many as you need, check out the restaurant’s menu to get a feel of its caliber. Some places let you work with the chef and management to heavily customize the menu and parties respectively. If you head to a place with a pre-fixed, family-style menu instead, make sure the bride gets to enjoy her favorite dish. Feel free to ask for recommendations by the chef when it comes to cocktail and wine pairings. End the party with an indulgent dessert or a custom cake.

Finding a good restaurant can be hard, and you would need to get it down to the right time and date, as well as other things. If some of the gang is willing help out with these things, get them on board, and remember to be grateful for their assistance.

Hiring a Private Chef

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If you are a close friend of the bride-to-be, imagine the look on her face when she walks into your home and gets surprised with a specially prepared gourmet dinner, not to mention all her far-placed friends sitting in the living room. You need a private chef for the former, and a highly coordinated plan for the latter. This option keeps you clear of the privacy issues at even the best restaurants, parking hassles, the need to speak under a certain volume, etc.

At-home dining lets the bride enjoy good food in the company of people that matter to her, and afterwards the place can be used for a long-overdue slumber party so that your girls can catch up on things, including the engagement ring.

Keeping it Budget-Friendly

No one has unlimited resources, and it is usually best if everyone chips in with regard to costs. Everyone needs to be ready to share the cost of the bride’s meal. A private dinner party is bound to be expensive, so find out how much it would cost in total, and make sure everyone expect the bride is okay with it. Hiring a culinary chef would also leave the host with the matter and expense of alcohol and other beverages to shoulder, which they are supposed to do. Like with any expense of this magnitude, do ample research before crossing the line of no return.

Who to Invite

A bachelorette party usually includes close family and friends. The guest list need not be restricted the same way as with a bridal party, but make sure not to leave out the people the bride is closest to. This could be her grandmother, or a co-worker.

Planning the Evening

Although the name implies it, a meal is not all there is to a gourmet dinner bachelorette party. Following the culinary indulgence, the bride-to-be can be presented with a keepsake item from her favorite people. This can be an etched wine glass, a monogrammed plate, a framed menu from the meal, or a cookbook containing notes from the attendees.

These are some of the things to be watchful of when planning a gourmet dinner bachelorette party for a friend. Make sure everyone is able to enjoy themselves while they are at your place, and that nothing disrupts your good time, like a policeman showing up to investigate complaints of noise in the neighborhood.