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Choosing Wedding Venue

The first step in drafting a viable wedding plan is booking a venue where the wedding ceremony and reception is to be conducted. This is an important part, which can make or break a wedding, so there is lot to planning the event. Consider the following things to get started and to ensure that the event unfolds as per the expectations of everyone.

The Size of the Wedding Venue

Finding the exact number of attendees anticipated at a wedding may seem impractical weeks in advance of the ceremony, but you will be having a rough idea as to how many people will take part in the event. The venue owner will ask you about the same, so have an estimate prior to approaching them. No matter it is a two-figure or a three-figure estimate, small or grand wedding, you can scout the right venue and thereby allocate the budget by planning the number of guests.

The Ambience of the Venue

Modern-day weddings are becoming offbeat, with more outdoor options coming to the picture when considering a wedding venue. Depending on the bride and groom’s tastes, you can choose a rustic site such as a former industrial loft, a summerhouse, or even an elegant-looking barn as the event venue. Anyhow, this is a key decision to be taken early on, since you might be able to earn savings on décor with a venue that suits the minimalistic wedding style.

The Hours of Operation

Different wedding venues have distinct policies when it comes to the number of hours it stays open and what activities are permitted within that time frame. If you have a grand wedding in mind, with dancing under the night sky and loud music party, understand how the wedding venue deals with that. In other words, make it a point to know if the venue limits noise, or if they charge a special fee after a specific hour. Moreover, get all these minute things in writing to avoid a possible dispute with the wedding venue authorities afterward.

The Required Deposit

This can affect the budget you have set as part of the wedding plan, so it is an important decision to be considered early on. Get to know the rental fee, what services are inclusive in that, the discounts offered, as well as the refund policy of the venue. Get all these things in contractual terms to be on the same page with the venue host.